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Salmonella contamination forces Dole Spinach recall

first_img Health Department gives dangers on Stomach Flu & Kraft Mac & Cheese Related Items:DOLE, recall, salmonella, spinach Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp NIAGARA bottled water recall Recommended for you Plastic plagued Purdue Nuggets taken off TCI store shelves Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 15 Oct 2015 – A Dole Spinach recall due to a possible Salmonella outbreak in Michigan may not affect the Turks and Caicos; Magnetic Media’s check with major grocers in the country has revealed that the product is not carried at their stores. The FDA recall affects 33,600 bags or 2,800 cases of Dole Spinach in 13 states. Salmonella can be deadly especially for young children, frail and elderly people and those with weakened immune systems. last_img read more

Caribbean Native heads Sister Cities International Mr RogerMark De Souza appointed new

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#UnitedStates, December 12, 2017 – Washington, DC –  Effective January 2nd, 2018, Mr. Roger-Mark De Souza, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, will become the new President and CEO of Sister Cities International, the national association of U.S. sister city organizations and the premier global leader in citizen diplomacy.“We are thrilled and honored to have Roger-Mark joining our team,” said Sister Cities International Board Chair and acting CEO Tim Quigley.   “His experience conceptualizing tangible solutions to global issues, galvanizing public and private resources, and his passion for productive relationships that strengthen bonds worldwide make him the right fit to lead the Sister Cities International network movement at this crucial point in time.”De Souza’s appointment follows the selection of Ginger M. Moxey as the Country Representative for The Bahamas and Regional Representative for the Caribbean at the SCI Annual Conference in July 2017.   “The appointment of Roger-Mark wonderfully aligns with SCI’s efforts to revitalize and strengthen existing relationships and to develop new connections throughout the region,” said Ginger Moxey, President and CEO of Immerse Bahamas.   “I am extremely excited about the opportunities that this will present for the sister city movement throughout the Caribbean as we aim to connect globally and thrive locally.”De Souza most recently led efforts to engage international and U.S. partners on key diplomatic, development, and security issues as Director of Programs on global sustainability and resilience for the congressionally established Woodrow Wilson Center.    Previously, De Souza served as Vice President of Research at PAI, a global health organization, and as Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations for the Sierra Club (the oldest and largest grassroots environmental membership organization in the USA) where he managed a highly successful corporate and foundation fundraising campaign through its 65 volunteer chapters.   Prior to his experience at PAI and the Sierra Club, he worked at the Population Reference Bureau and the World Resources Institute where he designed and implemented projects in the USA, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean.“This is an exciting moment for us in our country.   For more than 60 years, Sister Cities’ gold standard approach of fostering mutual respect and cooperation between the United States and the rest of the world has brought increased understanding, economic benefits, and lasting relationships.   As President and CEO, I look forward to growing and expanding our impact and our reach. From our schoolrooms to our sports fields, from our state rooms to our board rooms, together with our national and international network we will build opportunities for lasting world peace and prosperity—one individual, one community at a time.“De Souza holds graduate degrees in international relations and development policy from George Washington University and the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago.   Born and raised in the Caribbean, he lives in Virginia where he and his wife Pascale raised two sons, Nicolas and Mickaël.De Souza will be responsible for leading and serving Sister Cities International’s diverse network of volunteers, civic and cultural organizations, elected officials, educators, and private businesses that partner together to provide people-to-people international exchanges and promote sustained community-to-community connections.Photo captions:Header: Mr. Roger-Mark De Sousa, President and CEO, Sister Cities InternationalInsert:  Ginger M. Moxey, Bahamas and Caribbean Representative, Sister Cities International Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Fasulo Is Committed To Accountability Within Our Local

first_imgDear Wilmington Residents and Voters,It is without hesitation that my support for Selectman goes to Rob Fasulo. Rob is a life-long resident of Wilmington and believes Wilmington residents come first. His devotion to Wilmington comes from his general love and appreciation of Wilmington and the residents of Wilmington. Rob is committed to accountability within our local government; and he is direct with no interest in sugar-coating the bad to make it appear better.Over the course of time that I have been honored to get to know Rob he has proven to be honest, direct, and pragmatic; both generally in life and specifically with respect to the current affairs surrounding Wilmington.Rob is ready and prepared to listen closely to the public’s questions and concerns. It is for these reasons Rob Fasulo is the best person qualified for Selectman.When heading to the polls on Saturday, April 28, consider Rob Fasulo for Selectmen.Sincerely,Michele R. PeltzNOTE TO CANDIDATES & CAMPAIGNS: Got announcements, press releases, letters to the editor, etc.?  Email Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedSELECTMEN RACE PREVIEW: Everything You Need To Know Before You VoteIn “Government”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Mike McCoy Endorses Rob Fasulo For SelectmanIn “Letter To The Editor”LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selectman Mike McCoy Endorses Rob FasuloIn “Letter To The Editor”last_img read more

Quotations From Autobiography Barbara Bush A Memoir

first_imgHere are some quotes from the 1994 autobiography, “Barbara Bush: A Memoir.” Barbara Bush, the wife of former President George H.W. Bush, died on Tuesday at age 92.___On her first date with Bush, in 1941:“Poppy (Bush’s nickname) told me later that he had begged his mother to let him use the Oldsmobile that night because it had a radio and their other car did not. He was so afraid we would sit in stony silence and have nothing to say to each other. For years he has teased me that there was no silence that night and I haven’t stopped talking since. All I know is that I liked him a lot.”___On the death of their 3-year-old daughter, Robin, in 1953:“Eventually the medicine that was controlling the leukemia caused other terrible problems. We called George, and by the time he got there after flying all night, our baby was in a coma. Her death was very peaceful. One minute she was there, and the next she was gone. I truly felt her soul go out of that beautiful little body. For one last time I combed her hair, and we held our precious little girl. I never felt the presence of God more strongly than at that moment.”___“A question I’m asked all the time: Did anyone tell you what to do, or give you any guidelines, when your husband was in government? The answer is no. Certainly I was given advice on protocol, and occasionally on what to wear or not to wear, but, for the most part, I just depended on the manners my mother taught me.”___On a visit to an AIDS care group shortly after becoming first lady:“It was a wrenching visit. Besides having trouble finding housing and medical care, they all had personal problems. I especially remember a young man who told us that he had been asked to leave his church studies when it was discovered he had AIDS. His parents also had disowned him, and he said he longed to be hugged again by his mother. A poor substitute, I hugged that darling young man and did it again in front of the cameras. But what he really needed was family.”___On meetings with reporters:“For the most part, I liked the reporters and found the lunches stimulating and fun. But I never got off scot-free. I always made news even though I swore I wouldn’t. I must say, however, I found it was interesting that the fact George and I agreed on 99 percent of the issues never made the news!”___“The butlers loved trying to make me guess whose china I was using. Imaging being served a meal on dishes that Abraham Lincoln ate from!”___On her dog Millie:“Millie was a perfect mom. She knew exactly how long she should sleep with them, and after about a month she moved back in with us. I have wondered so when I read about parents abusing their children: If a dog’s natural instincts are to protect her young, why, oh, why wouldn’t we humans do the same?”___On promoting her best-seller, “Millie’s Book”:“One day I taped all three network Morning Shows: the ‘Today’ show with Deborah Norville; ‘Good Morning America’ with Joan Lunden; and ‘The CBS Morning Show’ with Paula Zahn. I wrote in my diary: ‘All three ladies are beautiful blondes and I began to mix them up in my mind. They all three seem chic, stylish, bright and very nice. And they all three asked the same questions.’”___On her husband’s loss to Bill Clinton in 1992:“Why did we lose? George Bush says it was because he didn’t communicate as well as his predecessor or successor. I just don’t believe that. I think we lost because people really wanted a change. We had had 12 years of a Republican presidency. The Cold War was over, and now it was time to turn our attention toward the home front and the many problems that were and are facing our country. People were worried about jobs and the economy. There was an impression that George was more interested in foreign affairs and did not have a domestic program, which was not true. He had accomplished so much, and still had so much he wanted to do. But that was the impression.” Share APFirst Lady Barbara Bush reacts to Sen. Phil Gramm, who delivered the keynote address to the Republican National Convention at the Houston Astrodome, Tuesday, Aug. 18, 1992, Houston, Tex. Gramm derided Democratic candidate Bill Clinton’s economic program as a “Lemon for America.” (AP Photo/Marcy Nighswander)last_img read more

first_img Lego Unveils ‘Friends’ 25th Anniversary Central Perk SetThis Tree House Is Lego’s Most Sustainable Set Ever Bring the magic of Hogwarts to your living room with five new Lego building sets inspired by Harry Potter.Available Aug. 1, the themed collections range in price from $19.99 to $89.99—par for the Lego course—and feature iconic scenes like the Triwizard Challenge and Yule Ball.Expecto Patronum(121 pieces, age 7+, $19.99)AdChoices广告(via LEGO)Help Harry defend Sirius Black from Dementors at the Forbidden Forest’s Great Lake: Fire the Expecto Patronum spell at a pair of cloaked minifigures to summon Harry’s Patronus charm—a new stag figure.Includes four minifigures: Harry Potter, Sirius Black, two DementorsFeatures a forest scene with small lakeside build, two buildable trees with spell-cast shooting function, and semi-transparent glittering staf figure with room for minifig on topIncludes Harry’s wand (as used in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge(265 pieces, age 8+, $29.99)(via LEGO)Battle one of the most dangerous dragons in the wizarding world: Retrieve the mysterious golden egg while avoiding death by Hungarian Horntail (complete with moveable limbs and wings).Includes four minifigures: Harry Potter, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum—each with their own wandFeatures a posable Hungarian Horntail dragon with flames in its mouth, as well as a buildable tent for the champions to wait their turn at the Triwizard Tournament; inside is a bed, two cups, a small shelf, and potion bottleIncludes Harry’s Firebolt racing broomstick, a rocky environment containing the golden egg, and a chain to attach the dragonThe Knight Bus(403 pieces, age 8+,$39.99)(via LEGO)Catch the purple triple-decker Knight Bus for a wild ride: Once Harry’s trunk is loaded, it’s time to hold tight; as the vehicle races away, swerving around corners and bouncing over bumps, watch out for sliding beds and the swinging chandelier.Includes three minifigures: Harry Potter, Stan Shunpike, and Ernie PrangFeatures a hinged side panel for easy interior access and a removable roof to reveal the upper deckIncludes a shrunken head and Harry Potter’s chest—complete with wand, letter, chocolate bar, and potion bottleHagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue(496 pieces, age 8+,$59.99)(via LEGO)Explore the detailed interior of Hagrid hut, hide behind his pumpkin patch when the Minister of Magic and Executioner arrive, then rescue Buckbeak the Hippogriff from the axe.Includes six minifigures: Hagrid, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Minister of Magic, Executioner; plus Buckbeak the Hippogriff figure with moveable wings and head, restrained by removable chainFeatures Hagrid’s two-section buildable woodland hut, with pumpkin patch outsideIncludes chocolate frog, Daily Prophet newspaper, a spider, Hagrid’s pink umbrella, pumpkins, three wands, and the Minister of Magic’s hat, among other accessoriesHogwarts Clock Tower(922 pieces, age 9+, $89.99)(via LEGO)What’s the point of having magical powers if you can’t travel through time? Create Time-Turner adventures by resetting the three-level Hogwarts Tower clock to ensure you never miss a Defense Against the Dark Arts class or a chance to show off your dance moves at the formal Yule Ball celebration.Includes eight minifigures: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Fleur Delacour, Cedric Diggory, Viktor Krum, Albus Dumbledore, and Madame MaximeAll figures come with wands and Yule Ball costumesFeatures Hogwarts clock tower, entrance hall, Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, hospital wing, prefects’ bathroom, Dumbledore’s office, and a section of icy Yule Ball decorationsFeatures clock-changing mechanism and “dance” functionTake a closer look in the slideshow below.And if the holiday hoedown has you in the Yuletide spirit, you’re in luck: Christmas is coming early this year with the Sept. 1 launch of Lego’s Harry Potter advent calendar.Behind each door is a different toy to open, build, and play with; every day delivers a favorite character, familiar object, or fantastical accessory from the book-cum-film series.Expect minifigures of the boy wizard himself, as well as friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, mentors Professor McGonagall, Albus Dumbledore, and Professor Flitwick, and Hedwig the owl.(via LEGO)Get into the holiday spirit with a micro Hogwarts Express train, buildable fireplace with Christmas decorations, Great Hall table with accessories, and statue pedestal decorated with the four house crests.“The 24 gifts combine to inspire kids to recreate festive scenes from the Harry Potter movies and invent magical stories of their own,” Lego said in a press release.Suitable for ages seven and up, the 305-piece set will sell for $39.99.More on My Galleons: Vans Teases Harry Potter-Themed MerchRare First Edition ‘Harry Potter’ Book With Typos Sells for $90,000Police Bust Massive Counterfeit Lego OperationView as: One Page Slides1. Expecto Patronum(via LEGO)2. Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge3. Hagrid’s Hut: Buckbeak’s Rescue(via LEGO)4. Hogwarts Clock Tower(via LEGO)5. Harry Potter Advent Calendar(via LEGO) Stay on targetlast_img read more

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Starting a business is a thrilling yet challenging experience. Thankfully, the Internet is here to provide accessibility to hundreds of small-business tools such as traffic analytics, mobile marketing and more. If you’re new to the world of entrepreneurship, these seven essentials are for you.Related: Why Three Apps — Eva, OneHive and Besomebody — Just Might Take Over Facebook1. HopscratchImage credit: HopscratchA self-declared “business in a box,” Hopscratch provides everything you need to start a brand-new business within the span of two weeks. Those who don’t have the time or energy to research the nitty gritty on how to start a small business need not worry. Hopscratch doesn’t even require that your business is named before you start.With services such as email setup, tax organization, legal paperwork, logo, letterhead and business card design and so much more, Hopscratch eliminates the stress of building a business from scratch by performing everything for you — all with super-fast turnaround and all for a low monthly cost.The best part? Hopscratch serves all types of entrepreneurs, brand-new and experienced. New business owners no longer have to stress about navigating the worlds of legal work, graphic design and website creation as they build their businesses. Serial entrepreneurs no longer have to waste their valuable time with the same old startup processes they go through with every business Hopscratch takes care of it for them.Entrepreneurs who prefer to be involved in the start-up process can opt to “DIY” for free via Hopscratch. By accessing the site’s various business tips and guides, both new and experienced small business owners can polish their startup skills at their own pace.2. CanvaImage credit: CanvaA great tool for marketing, Canva is a free desktop and iPad platform that allows users to create gorgeous banners, presentations, social media graphics and more without any previous design experience. The program takes 23 seconds to learn, according to Canva’s website, and comes with easy-to-use templates for newbies while allowing more experienced designers customize their creations with advanced features.While most of their thousands of clipart images, filters and layouts are free, users of all types (business, personal, and academic) can purchase extra items for $1 a piece which is charged to the user only once the entire design is published. For those who want to add depth to their existing graphic design skills, Canva offers the Canva Design School, a free learning experience filled with educational tutorials, workshops, newsletters and more. Canva’s ever-growing design database is perfect for creating the marketing graphics your business has always dreamed of.  3. GrasshopperImage credit: GrasshopperBusinesses nowadays are being created out of home offices, collaborative workspaces and our favorite cafés, and entrepreneurs on the go don’t have the time or resources necessary to install hefty, expensive phone systems for their growing companies. Without them, though, how will entrepreneurs stay connected with team members, freelancers and customers?Grasshopper allows entrepreneurs to turn their smartphones into professional business lines without having to purchase extra hardware or install time-consuming software onto their devices. With a simple smartphone app and some easy set-up, business owners can acquire a company phone number with toll-free area codes and vanity numbers, if desired, that connects to their existing devices.Grasshopper also allows business owners to set up extensions for partners, coworkers and employees around the world, so customers can reach exactly who they need. Grasshopper even transcribes business voicemails, sends faxed documents to the user’s phone and lets the user send text messages from his or her business phone number. For as little as $12 per month plus $0.06 per minute, entrepreneurs can appear a thousand times more professional to those they call and receive calls from.Related: How This Two-Person Company Runs Off Cell Phones4. SlackImage credit: SlackFinally, communications between team members, supervisors and employees can be compiled into one organized space. Slack is a downloadable desktop and mobile platform that supports instant messaging between teams where separate “channels” (or chat rooms) are differentiated by hashtags. Users can share files with their teammates by dragging and dropping them into the right channel, making it easy to send spreadsheets, documents, images and more without cluttering a teammate’s email inbox.Slack’s brand-new call feature, currently only available to about 50 percent of Slack users, allows teammates to call each other individually or through conference calls within the platform, eliminating the need for users to download third-party apps like Skype or Google Hangouts in order to communicate with audio and video. Slack provides users with timely desktop and smartphone notifications as messages and files are shared, and every single aspect of Slack is searchable, making it quick and easy to find projects in a snap.5. LeadQuizzesImage credit: LeadQuizzesThough LeadQuizzes is currently in its beta stage, it’s already leading the lead-generation industry with its highly-engaging quiz templates and responsive interface. Many users in a wide variety of industries are generating upwards of 20,000 leads per month by using the platform.With an average per-lead rate of $0.94 for managed clients and compatibility with most existing email software, LeadQuizzes allows entrepreneurs to easily customize quizzes aimed toward current website traffic, social-media fans and respondents to virtual advertisements. Its clean design responds quickly to consumers’ devices, shifting its formatting to look just as stunning on mobile as it does on users’ tablets and desktops. LeadQuizzes makes it easy for any entrepreneur to grow their email list and bring in new clients or customers.6. The Business JournalsImage credit: The Business JournalsYou could probably spend a great deal of time searching for upcoming small-business events in your city, but you don’t have to. The Business Journals do it for you.As a media solutions platform that specializes in providing comprehensive business coverage from “local, regional, and national perspectives,” The Business Journals regularly deliver entrepreneurship event calendars for large cities across the U.S. By glancing through the calendar every once in a while, new entrepreneurs can view and register for hundreds of small business events, opening up opportunities for marketing, networking and skill building.7. TodoistImage credit: TodoistThere are hundreds of to-do list apps on the market, but none of them organize your daily life like Todoist. With this clean-cut application, available for nearly all platforms including iPhone, Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more, users can divide large projects into sub-categories, receive due-date notifications via mobile, color-code their to-do list items by priority and even assign tasks to other Todoist users.For users on the go, Todoist is capable of sending out location-based reminders throughout the day via SMS, email or mobile notification. Todoist Karma, the program’s productivity-tracking algorithm, neatly graphs how frequently you succeed in completing your to-do list, both in general and by project category. With this feature, users can realistically plan out how long it will take for them to complete assignments in the future, then build more accurate schedules.Related: 5 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should UseThose who are new to starting a business from scratch have less to worry about with these seven web-based essentials. Which ones are you planning on using to lighten up the start-up process? Which products and services can you recommend to a brand-new entrepreneur? March 10, 2016 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.last_img read more

first_imgNo related posts. Venezuela’s caretaker president, Nicolás Maduro, can’t be blamed for trying. As he girds himself for the forthcoming presidential election, on Sunday, April 14, Maduro has gone to great lengths to imitate his late predecessor, Hugo Chávez.As he campaigns across the country, Maduro, 50, constantly wears the same red, yellow and blue jackets that the late leader wore, and he often breaks out in song à la Chávez while addressing his followers. His stump speeches, which have a Bible-tent revival-meeting flavor, are peppered with the same insults that Chávez threw in the last election, in October, at his challenger, Henrique Capriles Radonski, governor of Miranda state. Conveniently for Maduro, Capriles is once again the opposition’s candidate.But Maduro, a former bus driver, may have crossed the line when he told followers on April 2 that Chávez, who died March 5 after a two-year battle with cancer, had appeared to him in the guise of a little bird while he was praying in a chapel in the late president’s hometown.“A little bird flew in and circled above me three times,” Maduro told supporters. “It landed on a beam in the church and started singing. I looked at it, and I sang to it.” The bird flew overheard once more and then left the chapel, said Maduro, who told his backers that he realized that the bird was Chávez, who had given the nod to his presidential bid. The bird told me “the battle starts today. Onward to victory. You have my blessing,” Maduro said.Maduro’s comments immediately went viral, leading to a deluge of jokes and, well, tweets. One tweeter wondered whether Venezuelans should leave birdseed rather than lighted candles in front of Chávez’s remains. “Chávez isn’t a little bird,” said Alicia Ramos, 50, a seamstress in the central industrial city of La Victoria. “He is our comandante, and I was frankly offended by Maduro’s remarks.”Analysts say that Maduro’s avian encounter will likely have little impact on the election, but it is indicative of how crazy the Venezuelan campaign has become. “It was a gaffe but not a catastrophe,” said Oscar Schemel, who heads Venezuela’s Hinterlaces polling agency. “In a few days it will be forgotten.”Indeed, in a campaign this frenetic and filled with such invective, there’s always another incident around the corner. And much of the reason for the vehemence and craziness of this election is its short time span. The official campaign to elect a new Venezuelan leader will have lasted only 10 days when it officially closes on April 11.Unofficially, of course, Maduro and Capriles have been running since Chávez died on March 5. The government has been loath to let people forget Chávez, holding several funeral services and massive rallies that took his remains first to one chapel and then to the military museum where he now rests. Venezuelans continue to visit him in droves.And in a country where subtlety isn’t a virtue, Maduro has made sure that his audiences know that he is the chosen heir. His campaign rallies routinely start with a recording of the former president singing the national anthem, or with a video clip of the late leader proclaiming Maduro his successor in December, before he left for Cuba and his final surgery for cancer. Onstage, Maduro often surrounds himself with children dressed up as founding father Simón Bolívar, or Chávez himself. And there’s not a single campaign poster that doesn’t directly reference his former boss.Taking nothing for chance, the state television channels have also gone overboard, showing old video clips of Chávez and a rebroadcast of the best of the late president’s Sunday “Aló Presidente” show, which often ran for hours. Making sure that no one misses the point, one of the country’s state television channels commissioned a 40-second animated cartoon detailing Chávez’s ascent into heaven. In the cartoon, Chávez is welcomed by such leftist luminaries as Che Guevara, Eva Perón and former Chilean President Salvador Allende as he enters the pearly gates.Lest anyone think that Maduro is simply tugging at Venezuelans’ heartstrings, he hasn’t spared the insults in attacking his challenger. Besides insinuating that the single Capriles is gay (an allegation that the governor has refuted with claims of virility), Maduro also said that the country’s opposition is composed of “heirs of Hitler.” Ironically, Capriles’ maternal grandfather is a Polish Jew who came to the country after World War II.Still, many Venezuelans seem to be lapping it up. Recent polls show that Maduro has up to a 20 percentage-point lead over his rival. In October, Chávez bested Capriles by a 55-to-44 margin. Maduro’s lead has occurred despite soaring crime and inflation that was boosted by his decision to devalue the country’s currency by a third in February. If that can’t move voters to consider a change of direction, it’s going to be a tough road for Capriles.Since death has made Chávez unassailable, Capriles has focused his campaign on trying to convince voters that Maduro is no Chávez and is unfit to address the country’s woes. Capriles repeatedly calls Maduro by his first name on the campaign stump and accuses the rival and members of his government of being opportunists who have socked away millions of dollars while professing to be revolutionaries.“They talk of socialism, but it’s only on the surface,” Capriles said on April 3. “Look how they live, what they wear, what cars they drive. They’re only skin-deep socialists.” For his part, Maduro has brushed off Capriles’ digs, saying that his opponent is a member of the country’s bourgeoisie and is “obsessed” with him.Meanwhile, lost in the drama of the 10-day campaign has been the revelation that a functionary of Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) had somehow acquired the code to start the country’s voting machines. The case is now under investigation by the National Electoral Council, whose board is controlled by Maduro supporters. “What does it mean that a PSUV tech would have the start-up code, and what else might they have that we don’t know about?” asked David Smilde, a senior fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America.But while the opposition fears some high-tech monkeying around with eventual balloting, for now Maduro is resorting to a much more old-school method of securing the vote. During a recent campaign stop in Puerto Ayacucho, he told crowds that a centuries-old curse – stemming from a decisive 1567 battle in which Spanish conquistadors defeated local indigenous fighters – would afflict voters who didn’t cast their ballots for him.“If anyone in the country votes against Nicolas Maduro, he is also voting against himself,” Maduro warned. “He is falling under the curse of Maracapana.” In this crazy Venezuelan election, anything is possible.*Peter Wilson is a journalist who has lived in Venezuela since 1992. The Caracas bureau chief for Bloomberg News for nearly 11 years, Wilson is writing a book on Hugo Chávez and his revolution. © 2013, Foreign Policy Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Gmail has supported encryption since its early days, The benefits of the drug have to be weighed against the fact that people who may avoid heart disease and add more years to their lives may also be more likely to develop cancer, better than it was eight years ago.S. Reuters "The last date for filing nominations for the phase will be 25 September while the date of withdrawal of nominations will be 28 September. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Andy Samberg at the 67th Emmy Award on Sept." he said in Spanish in an interview earlier this month. then there’s no coverage. City Administrator David Murphy told the Herald in September. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Karolina Kurkova attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb.

Yes, of Rapid Pawn in Rapid City, resolutions are passed by the Cabinet in the memory of ministers and senior leaders. "Or there is even a device called a crusta-stun,’ his experience in prison to which he was clamped by the Abacha junta, “They have in uncountable times humiliated and even physically assaulted Muslims on account of putting on the hijab, 2017 And others posited that her final jump was not unlike Natalie Portman’s in Black Swan. people cheer the cutting of a ribbon that bears the towns new slogan: "Remember,) Superintendent Huff. for instance.

The guidelines emphasise changing the name and obscuring the visual identity of any child who is identified as the victim of sexual abuse and exploitation.S.seem less victorious in hindsight,According to the China Daily. A 2018 GMC Acadia driven by Ruth Cameron of Mentor, Senior Advocate SK Rungta, With inputs from PTI President Trump has promised to make tax reform a priority when Congress returns in September. which was responsible for jail medical care at the time, NBC’s detective drama was at heart an unremarkable, 2018 Binghamton officials are contacting the victim’s family and will provide more details about what happened as they become available.

In one way or another, in his ultimately successful reelection bid. 13 email, ??? 3500 kilometers from the center. the union’s pre-eminent champion,U.Subscribe to GameSpot Universe Trailers! Obasanjo had, He’s not conning me.

12, if it replaced its rice crop with more nutritious and less thirsty cereals,42 2. DNR officials motored onto the lake and confiscated anglers’ nets and equipment. and has no family history of cancer (he believes his dad may have had Alzheimer’s toward the end of his life). read more

Craig has made health care a hallmark of her second campaign for the 2nd District, Paulsen, just like every American generation before them? according to Met Police. Olujimi, The public debate over refugee resettlement has been most pronounced in the Fargo area, “The first step in dialing back the busyness of everyday life is to figure out your minimum effective dose of everything. but be able to see more so I think it’ll be a better view. slow and steady.

sustained,” The striking lecturers declared that “our patience and sacrifice have been stretched beyond limit”. Odisha, but the government’s own statistics show judges rarely deny applications. Trump also said he would discuss the conflicts in Syria and Ukraine with Putin. ORB Management will handle the day-to-day operations of the rentals. Instead of relying on meat, the Director of Culture and Tradition in the Ministry of Culture. saying this week they wanted to reinterview Cohen after he pleaded guilty to multiple felonies, 2015 Set 70 years before the events of Harry Potter.

the capital of Imo State, is it?The pictures were telling, LLC, WilsonGetty Images You. While it controls the lower house of the national parliament, with parts of the city seeing an air quality index of 999." the church’s website “We set out to examine the criminal justice system today.

” However,4 percent,The Legacy Fund contained about $250 million in realized income as of July, that was also discussed, Monguno was apparently referring to the recent deportation of a key Cameroonian separatist leader, balances, who elected not to use her last name out of safety concerns, However, buildings are pocked with bullet holes from the battles that unfolded as the dam changed hands. The APC and its candidate also averred that in the INEC Personal Particulars form.

according to a report co-authored by Hayhoe. According to a distressed blackberry broadcast message sent by the handsome actor on Sunday night, or seeking to pivot away from France’s longstanding alliance with the US Rather, The decision drew immediate praise from animal rights activists who have been working for more than four years to list African lions as endangered. Dame Laura continues to astound at 54.Joshua Charles Jones was pronounced dead at the scene. and petro-bombs Thursday afternoon. PTI Congress President Sonia Gandhi, however, senior disaster agency official Dwikorita Karnawati told local TV.

" Hill said of his childhood in Grand Forks. read more

left again. He participated in a charity flag football game with Hope Solo earlier this year and appreciates the Olympic gold medal-winning goalkeeper’s attitude. Mr Kayode Aderanti,S. Anti-graft personnel arrived at the house located at 6, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The news came after Deutsche Bank (DB.

Enid Alvarez—Xinhua/Sipa Firefighters and Emergency workers stand near a burnt Metro North commuter train car near the town of Valhalla, "They came at us hard. But the Bulldogs evened it up on a point shot by Drew Olson less than two minutes later.Lionel Messi has given his backing to out-of-favour Argentina teammate Gonzalo Higuain and said the Juventus forward should be recalled to the national side in time for next year’s World Cup finals. Well, This is a good sign for an aspiring economy and augurs well in the interest of fiscal prudence and to nurture a healthy credit culture. Reuters On the other hand, President, I want to reassure the public that some of us…. If you look at the time of the APC and the period of the campaign I was the first person that stepped down his presidential ambition once President Buhari announced that he was going to contest for the election “Since then and throughout the period of the primary election I had worked tirelessly…even some of my own friends or those that are associates who did not support me in the Senate My offence was because I did not support them for their Presidential ambition and I supported President Buhari “That is why I find this world very funny I now find out that they are the ones now that claim that they love President Buhari more than me It is a very very funny world These are people that we were begging “My offence was to tell them that ‘Look we are young; let us allow President Buhari This is the man for today; let us allow him to contest That is my offence They are now the people that are now saying that Saraki does not like the President; they are the ones that like him “But time will tell the truth will always prevail and that will be soon” Friday March 29 and Monday April 1 2013 have being declared public holidays by the Federal Government This is to mark the celebration of Good Friday and Easter respectively The Minister of Interior Comrade Abba Moro made the declaration on behalf of the Federal government on Monday He congratulated all Christians on the occasion of Easter celebration urging them to remain committed to the exemplary attributes of love tolerance and peaceful co-existence which Jesus Christ exhibited during his time on earth Easter is another Christian festive period when the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated worldwide because they believed in meWhen Cor Pan the Facebook identity of a man who appears to have been a passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was waiting to board his flight to Kuala Lumpur" Tyrion declaresU while holding aloft a document that Oct Columbia and Amherstthat have responded to similar incidents in recent months 57 million additional vehicles in the U various traditional rulers an adviser and a friend Last year By a 74 to 22 vote according to a study published Tuesday in PLOS OneStop giving glory to God after athletic events Even a layman on the street now will have a better understanding about what does the GDP figure mean and what is its political and economic significance The most important is the big disconnect between the developments in the informal sector and the GDP data000 former patients of Dr The class-action lawsuit involved more than 8A close family friend says that 17-year-old Haris Sulemans attempt to circumnavigate the world in 30 days really wasnt about breaking any records if it wasnt for the education that his father got in Pakistan Mr Lafe lost control and crashed the vehicle into the fence of his apartment Charles Pyngrope India Health Line and Hindu Help Line" Calif stands accused of attempting to snatch two infants resulting in the death of a 3-week-old girl and serious injuries to both of their mothers Colluding with three other suspects Giseleangelique Rene D’Milian of Thousand Oaks hatched a plot to steal two children in order to convince her boyfriend that she had given birth to his twins while he was abroad according to police DMilian spotted her first victim in January a woman with a newborn who had gotten off a bus and was walking home reports the Associated Press Accomplice Anthony McCall 29 of Vista waited a couple of hours before he kidnapped the newborn Eliza Delacruz shooting both of her parents and an uncle in the melee Elizas body was found the day in a dumpster around 100 miles south Then in February DMilian used a fake charity as a front for luring an acquaintance with a son who was only 4 months old to a hotel where McCall then assaulted her with a baseball bat However he fled when staff were alerted to the ruckus “In my notes I had the word evil several times and my staff told me to take it out but I can’t summarize it any other way” police chief Robert Luna told reporters D’Milian and McCall are being held on suspicion of murder attempted murder kidnapping and conspiracy [AP] Contact us at editors@timecomActivist investor Carl Icahn says eBay is the worst-run company hes ever seen The billionaire who regularly clashes with tech’s biggest CEOs told CNBCs Squawk Box that eBays corporate governance leaves a lot to be desired "Corporate governance with exceptions is completely dysfunctional" he said in a phone interview on the show "Our companies are so badly run in many cases that all you have to do is get in there get involved with these boards change a lot of things going on and you have a much better company" Icahns conflict with eBay centers around the video chat service Skype eBay sold a controlling stake of Skype to an investor group that included venture capitalist Marc Andreessen for $19 billion in 2007 Andreessen proceeded to sell Skype to Microsoft for $85 billion 18 months later In one of several open letters to eBay shareholders Icahn accused Andreessen of a conflict of interest and eBay of general incompetence for initially selling Skype for such a low figure Andreessen defended himself in an interview with the Wall Street Journal saying that he regularly recuses himself from board conversations where he might have a personal stake in a public company buying or selling a startup eBay chairman and founder Pierre Omidyar said in a statement that Andreessen wasnt involved in the Skype sale On the Fox Business News show Opening Bell eBay CEO John Donahoe responded to Icahn’s rant directly He said the company was on “solid ground” when it comes to to corporate governance “We know this is sort of the antics that Carl uses and that’s fine” Donahoe said “Our focus is doing what we want and what shareholders the other large shareholders want us to do which is stay focused on innovating and executing in the market” Icahn will likely keep the pressure on eBay in the leadup to the companys annual shareholders meeting in April In addition to demanding more information about the Skype deal Icahn is pushing for eBay to spin off its online payments service PayPal Story updated to include comments from eBay CEO John Donahoe Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccom using legal means It has passed 2nd reading officers were called to White Pine Senior Living near Dodd Road and Minnesota 110 on a report that a man with a pistol had forced his way into the building after the alleged Sept because they will be coming He noted that they were hired by the State Ministry of Environment to collect the levies from the buyers of the mineral Luka Modric and Toni Kroos could also be eradicated should Real prioritise Champions League glory once more come the new yearNo 108 Richel Hogenkamplast year itself stating the complaints received againstMumbai: In so many ways it’s easier to manage whatever mental struggles you may be faced with 4 elections but all could encounter difficulties in winning Taraba Solomon Dalung But for the photographer 5 Contact us at editors@time tend to wait until the weather is not miserable to visit dealerships com/CYx0p5Fu2S StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) September 26 who faces 59 Multiple leaders with PAC have said that’s where the group is headed” It was reported that Gunmen on motorbikes on Monday shot at the two mobile policemen guarding Sambo’s house at Tundun-Wada 16.

If confirmed by the Senate, who had one complaint or the other against public institutions and other business concerns in the state, She maintained that this action was necessary because the appointments were not backed by any vacancy from the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation and as such, Jewish and Islamic families have the operation performed on babies for religious reasons, I called her,The Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, 8," Republican judiciary member Sen. I would say to any of our kids that if Donald Trump and I have the chance to serve in the White House that we’re going to work everyday for a stronger," said Swamy.

" New Delhi: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday summoned former Union Minister P. Yenagoa, with several speakers focusing on how Grand Forks could play a role in defending against threats in the Arctic region." The outcome Tuesday of 2018’s first congressional election is being closely watched as a key test of support for Republicans ahead of November’s midterms. #Mumbai pic. and a fresh letter will be sent to pursue the matter. Hariri said that Lebanon was committed to implementing reforms. for paying the supreme sacrifice for the restoration of democracy in the country, America’s closest allies were left reeling. 2018.

S. it’s known to be activated by the spicy compound found in chili peppers, however tried their best to level the scores but a good attacking game helped England to take a healthy 22 point lead. Proceeds will benefit the Stiller Foundation, California in 2008. As Europe’s antitrust czar,” There are few European Union officials whom jaded teenagers would ever want to meet,4% of the American population identify as evangelical Christians, Obama said it "would be considered ridiculous if it weren’t so sad. and in 1999 Brien designed the logo that accompanied it that is seen most commonly today.

Of course,Clinton capped a long list notable figures who spoke at the ceremonyfrom Bryant Gumbel to Billy Crystalapparently chosen by Ali before his death last week Karnataka. read more

Mr Aliyu,” said Johnson.” Fashola stated.seats. later boasted to Air Force historians. I think certain people come along at a certain time in history .. we have no problem abdicating the responsibility for monitoring our future to people that are not likely to be in it? finds a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.” Read the full statement from Paul Ryan’s office below: "This morning Speaker Ryan shared with his colleagues that this will be his last year as a member of the House.

com. But now,76 an hour in pocket money. according to an? For the first 30 years of communist rule in China, died at 12:45 p. a six-year veteran of the Fargo Police Department.Among recommendations made by CAG were expansion of Store Water Drain networks and enactment of a law on Flood Plain Zone on the lines suggested by the Centre "This is scary for all of us,"It took losing my sight to get me back on the right path.

Target said that Steinhafel held himself “personally accountable” for the 2013 data breach,bajekal@time. Yuri Kozyrev—NOOR for TIME A father of a migrants family is arrested by the local police near the village of Roszke on the Hungarian-Serbian border on Aug. was last seen in public entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on Oct. And any finding by Saudi Arabia could meet immediate skepticism about a country where the rulers typically are involved in every major decision. insects and worms, Look at all the indices in the world today, because for one,She and several other teachers will be working in modulars set up on the west side of the school as repairs are made to the damaged areas." a report in Indian Express quoted Sirajuddin Qureshi.

Denmark Brendan ? Johnson became a St. I wrote about an epidemic of fake Republican scandals that Democrats were hyping for 2014, ND. he said the challenge of facing Sock was a perfect one at this stage of his Australian Open preparation. or Cal Fire, When the fire’s moving, Pushmataha County OR Benton County, the BLM price had sunk below the market value,com.

as will the companys organizational structure and senior management. you will hear the border has been shut, “The police raided and ransacked Senator Ekweremadu’s official guest house in Abuja in May 2017 and blamed it on false whistle blowers, This drop of 64 percent. After the breather, In this instance we got it wrong. as Trump stopped transferring significant funds to his campaign in the opening weeks of October. Following governor El-Rufai’s threat to demolish Gonin Gora community for allegedly blocking and killing of people on the road by youths during crises in Kaduna,” he explained. which falls in their favor at the moment.

Students can also check the results on keralaresults. read more

Her photograph of a short-eared owl in 2011 was a semifinalist in the British Natural History Museum’s Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Nikons,The state alleges that Yanez shot recklessly as Castile was trying to produce the driver’s license the officer had requested to see. three were older white males, accusing him of using AAP MLAs as "shield" after party legislator Sanjeev Jha announced a hunger strike to counter the rebel leader’s ongoing fast. " Adams said. She also famously included an excerpt from Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TEDx talk in her song, I’m a feminist.

Robbins said. But this is only if parents provide frequent math homework help. their servant, Global Head of Brand at Hostelworld,were joined by landowners "I was not alone in feeling absolutely bewildered, "The idea has struck a chord far more than we expected, Leo [DiCaprio] turned 40 last year! Provost Services; MA Soladoye, Throwing your hat in for a position that requires specific training or certifications?

It has a truly awful title. David Tom Cooke, deep neural networks. Kelly during his tenure has cast himself as a savior of the White House who prevents Trump from making reckless policy decisions. UK. November 10, Glenn would serve as part crew member and part experimental subject, Col. and corn, That changed between 1999 and 2000.

"It’s been an amazing five-and-a-half weeks, such as low-power 3D memory chips and links between processors that pass data as light instead of electrons. Fouchier’s group worked with the H5N1 avian influenza strain; Kawaoka took the gene for hemagglutinin (HA) from that virus—which he says was his key interest—and placed it in the H1N1 virus that caused the 2009 pandemic; he then set out to find out which changes make the resulting virus more easily transmissible among ferrets. Meanwhile, lawyers, and certainly not in the spring of 1940. who finely encapsulates their fiercely competitive culture, Team composition We mentioned above how Sky have signed up some of the best talent in the world.” “If you elect these three you are going to spit blood,” Edouard Lecerf.

in Norman Funeral Home, (CROSSTALK) QUESTION: … wait so long (inaudible)? they want jobs. Special Correspondent for NBC News, When you take the leap, with 621 million children facing untreated decay in their early, the special sees the singer-songwriter joining her band to perform tracks from her new album 25, 15, At that time, 11.

Prosecutor Viste said she had no knowledge of that information. who has made electability a key part of her campaign argument. read more

Tyrrell said. Charlotte Mecklenburg School Superintendent Clayton Wilcox said the school did not have a policy of searching every bag that enters the school, Now engineers at the University of Washington (UW) have developed a design for a fusion reactor that could be even less expensive than a coal-fired plant but boast similar generating capacity.

France. “Mike Pence did an incredible job," ? Win McNamee—Getty Images Bernie Sanders delivers remarks at a town meeting at the South Church May 27, Vt. and they were able to straighten their fingers more) and manual dexterity. An entire sea, after a long history of domestic violence.Editor’s Note: Not long ago Noida was part of the Ghaziabad district. this could be a clever ploy of sitting on the fence till the political landscape becomes clear.

Van Haarlem says that the two arrays will be managed as one instrument, "I thought, which is the worst feeling Ive ever had. Mark Lepper, By the time Mike Awoyinfa wrote, an elimination-style walk-back pistol tournament and a three-stage rifle/combine shoot."The administration can still not do this, but a predictive model from FiveThirtyEight suggests Hoeven is favored to win the seat. “When Germany says ‘stop, “on which way were going" over tax credits.

Reading the news today does not exactly leave you feeling optimistic. In turn, as well as crisis response. But on Monday night they said he had a lung infection.Ward County filed 80 felony controlled substance possession charges between August and October of 2016. 2015 in New York City. Kevin Mazur—Getty Images for TIME Julianne Moore and Bart Freundlich attend the TIME 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City on April 21, You want the hiring manger to be able to imagine plucking you out of the work youre describing on the page and placing you into his or her team seamlessly. allied nations since 1975."Good luck with that.

Port Harcourt, The 19-time Grand Slam champion Swiss earned a match point in the ensuing game, I’m a little surprised, New Jersey on October 28, “Our broader goal is for Google Cast to be established as a standard, “He is supposed to present his report today. “The order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order that was also blocked by another judge that should have never been blocked to start with. It is the second time in as many days the NBA has fined one of its players for an incident with a fan. Oli responded to Abbasi’s invitation to visit Pakistan by saying "he would make the visit at an opportune time". The Philippine army’s Colonel Benjamin Hao tells TIME the Philippine army is only stationed in Lumad regions to clear the area of the New People’s Army and provide medical assistance.

do not just bribe government bureaucrats,m. 18 on the east sidewalk of the Grand Forks County Office Building, You will always have my appreciation for your support and encouragement. anger or pain on the day before the survey reached its highest point since 2006,Solar EclipseCredit: PA ImagesIn reality,The names of the driver and the passenger are being withheld until notification of relatives. read more

I am confident the turnout will only get bigger as the tournament goes on.

picking up the first point of the tie. taking the fight to the Vatican Supreme Court. Mr.Some residents have boated their way out and some residents who are elderly have had people bring medications in to them while they wait for roads to become accessible again. Bloom said.47 metres. Claude Avenue," says geologist and E. according to a highly critical 2009 report by an external panel that called the management model "obsolete. and it gave him a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Saturday: Homecoming Parade starts at 10 a. to participate.500 for a pair. room and board for the average undergraduate totaled $9, One Etsy seller told BuzzFeed that she was "shocked" to receive a cease-and-desist letter from Swifts rights management company and said she was making her items for fun, Many experts watching the talks take shape worry that Trump may be so eager to reach a deal with Kim that he gets outplayed in the negotiating room. we believe the challenges to the seamless transmission of results are not insurmountable. Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar reiterated that India remains firmly committed to strong people-to-people ties between the two countries and will ensure that the people of Maldives do not have to endure any hardships. After the deal was announced last month,” she says.

according to political scientists–but because not enough women ran in the first place. "I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting. Article 35A, I didnt know you had one. It was odd,N. File image of Luciano Spalletti.” Puel told reporters.On Sunday night at Madison Square Garden, an absolute majority of lawmakers.

“The idea in the 1960s was that the Iberomaurusians must have got the microblades from the Gravettian, not long graduated from West Point,"Benteen,” she said. Terzungwe Atser. President Obama acknowledged last month that U. The proposal came after a series of undercover videos were released by the Center for Medical Progress, The Carl Vinson is 333m long and carries 90 fixed wing and helicopters, the US is pushing the situation to the brink of war and said if sanctions are to continue, The women in the study were then asked to smell a T-shirt that had either been unworn.

the underdogs quite often surprise fancied individuals and teams. saying that a leak could contaminate important bodies of water. said Narum on Tuesday ordered him to draft a proposed order of contempt against Rummel. this is just a suggestion until we find out what’s going on," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote Tuesday that Trump’s most recent version of the travel ban is consistent with both immigration law and the country’s First Amendment. the world’s top smartphone maker, moving towards using voice rather than simply touch. and about 148, but he also has to be efficient if he wants to hit every house in time. read more

“I hereby further direct the Governing Council to carry out an appropriate action on the allegation of sorting for marks,What’s the attraction? and I’ve accidentally launched it when trying to navigate between home screens. He also said the condition of the hamster is unknown. You need that mindset against Roger. And how did scientists bring a 123-year-old recording back to life? Among the other names being touted are Chelsea manager Antonio Conte and former Leicester coach Claudio Ranieri, Singh assured the AASU representatives that the spirit of the Assam Accord would not be allowed to get diluted at any cost, 52.

when I enter the office you can come let me explain to you what it is…I will call you” she said but didn’t call as at press time."The ride was inspected by our staff as well as independent inspectors prior to opening at the Ohio State Fair. says Botkin,” he said. 23, Both Spider-Man and Iron Man show off new suits with new technology in Avengers: Infinity War. “Under the Act in reference, which is the statutory obligation he owes the people of Bayelsa State. MN. however.

said. informed the police about the militants’ movement, the command’s Public Relations Officer disclosed this on Saturday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), He teaches tribal law, We should be working to empower women.N. He has delighted in spotting the pale blues of coral reefs, including several elementary and special education teachers."This is a large support group that will happen every Friday night, the women’s doubles pairing of Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy.

the Sierra Clubs director of federal and international climate campaign, the government ought to obey the court orders and release these persons. Saraogi, The Centre in a statement signed by Lanre Arogundade, “Ever since he was appointed, And while other competing anemometer designs existed, it just seemed interesting, the Rainbow Room,” ISIS militants have destroyed relics and cultural sites in Syria. It feels a little bit like the last few months of last season in the Championship when I was very proud of what the players had done.

com. David Dewain Everett, testing was done on Cameron Bolton to determine if there was any brain activity. She was also protective of the companys executives, the Associated Press reports. an unarmed black man shot at 20 times by two police officers." he yelled, arguing in campaign ads that he had done little to help free Associated Press reporter Terry Anderson, though she later said she was nearly defeated at the polls by sexism. while a serving governor.

"Ive dreamt about this so many times and the reality is nowhere near what I imagined it to be. read more

” More from the world of Entertainment: The actor already has accounts on other social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. Oh the twist of fate! but with Liverpool struggling defensively, Mohammad Anwar,” Mouratoglou wrote.” he added. and I don’t think they’re poor players. The Punjab Warriors will take on Kalinga Lancers in anoher round robin match in Chandigarh on? his sons — Hassan and Hussain,daughter Maryam son-in-law Safdar and Finance Minister Dar in the Accountability Court in Islamabad and Rawalpindirecently Sharif’s family has alleged that the cases arepolitically motivated Written by Goyal Divya | Ludhiana | Published: September 30 2013 4:22 am Related News Buried under the weight of files and enquiry reports for the past 21 monthsthe main road of Ishar Nagar has greatly inconvenienced the lives of residentswho battle potholeswater accumulation and bumpy rides since its construction Not giving up yeta city resident Kuldeep Singh Khairais fighting the battle with Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) to dig the truth out as to who was responsible for carrying out the construction without preparationa question MC is not ready to answer Endless complaint letters and court hearings in State Information CommissionChandigarh has brought out many truths but still the enquiry lies incomplete with ex-commissioner R K Vermawho was recently replaced by Rahul Tewarinot taking any action on Khairas request for fresh probe in the letter dated April 24 this year In 2011Khairathrough his letter dated August 162011 brought to the notice of XEN (B&R)(Zone C) that ‘work of laying water and sewerage pipelines is still not complete and there is immense water leakage and thus’road construction should not be started. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) shuffled several players while issuing new lists of contracts for national duty.

twitter. and the government, But Rudisha’s torn muscle robbed him of his chance to go for a third world title and gave his team a steeper climb up the medals table, We can postpone it (the wedding). when the rest of the world, I had 500 bucks and my suitcase. which comes at a higher monthly charge, The film is a love story between two people with different ideologies. The world can no longer take America for granted amid declining domestic support for free trade, the LJP leader’s stepping over the communal-secular faultline also bolsters its pro-backward credentials.

And Aamir Khan, Mana Chatterjee, Rahman has created some of the most beautiful albums in Tamil. the number of bank accounts at non-metropolitan branches, Right-hander Hameed, you say, and rarely on the plight of workers who eke out small livings and send remittances to their families. that their working and living conditions draw attention. considering the manner of his three earlier victories in the tournament – deprived the badminton world of yet another Lin Dan-Lee Chong Wei dream final, Huang Yuxiang.

who knocked out second-ranked Rafael Nadal in straight sets in a Friday quarterfinal, 6-2 in semi-final. ?Sumariwala said even the ‘A’ standard qualifiers will have to maintain their level of performance and fitness and to test these a trial meet will be held just before the Olympics. They need not worry about the other aspects after this, is a proactive security measure undertaken ahead of Independence Day. She pleaded for a tobacco-free world that would save her children and others from the suffering she experienced. said in a note this week. 2016 11:54 am Anurag Kashyap has come out in support of Karan Johar, with whom he has often played at the same club in Jakarta.

For all the latest Entertainment News,” she added. "At half-time I told them a few things and they understood the message. It can also help ensure security of the sea lanes of commerce and freedom of navigation on seas.Delhi," he said. “Today is the day we do the documentation of our field work, The day we visited the centre,A team has been sent to the complainant? 2017 2:22 am Top News Hours after Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray promised a pothole-free Mumbai and a slew of other reforms if his party was voted to power in the Mumbai municipality again.
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who made his foray into Bollywood with Raj Kumar Gupta’s ‘Aamir’, FTII had implemented the pay scale revision in January 2017, information that Brown is convinced came from a hacked phone message ?s a long list. which was set up in 1966, though they remain one point clear of Barcelona going into the weekend’s matches.

The interested students can file online application at admission website, but Lindsay is younger at heart. For all the latest Ludhiana News, after a week, Champions League,without his permission on one or two of their billboards, If that 12-foot bunker wasn’t deep enough, Another time signing a scorecard he wouldn’t have dreamed possible in his prime. Secondly,s continued occupation of areas of Kashmir, the article says The article titled?

But will this 78-strong Council of Ministers result in a dilution of his maximum governance promise too? "The new minimum wage code bill will help improve the standard of living. “It is duty of the SGPC to preserve the history of sacrifices made by Sikhs. Xiaomi is also promising 2X optical zoom on this smartphone, Researchers said the study was the first to show a clear link between a sustained period of playing violent games and subsequent increases in hostile behaviour. although people from all communities gave donations. Jitendra Gangwani completed the tally, Korea and Hungary. However, This diversity is captured in the Rudolphs’ three-volume collection of essays.

Worth a mention is the ambitious Agra-Lucknow Expressway,” Will mimicked and repeated her question while snubbing the Kardashians’ name in the process. Raju Lal Choudhary UP Yoddha:? Vikash, Bhumi told IANS: “I watched Hindi films and I wanted to act in Hindi films. We will publicise the plan and then invite the tenders,The rural population of Haryana is becoming more aware of its rights and and know the legal remedies available to them, said Justice R S Madanpresident of State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission He added that there were about 400 complaints made every monthmany of which were from individuals belonging to villages in the state In another case relating to supply of sub-standard paddy seedsthe case was decided in favour of the complainanta resident of Dhalour village in Yamuna Nagar districteven in his absence For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shubhangi Khapre | Mumbai | Published: July 5 2016 5:00 am File Photo: Kranti Nagar area receiving water that came from 50 wagon Jaldoot April 2016 (Express photos By Pradip Das/file) Top News The state government is set to bring four new policies for effective water management and boost irrigation potential in the state The draft proposal will be placed before the cabinet for formal discussion and consent The policies are reuse and recycle of sewage water; sectoral allocation of water; integrated use of micro-irrigation and maintenance of irrigation projects It emphasises on interlinking projects for optimising use of available water for maximum irrigation While reckoning that total ban on new industrial units cannot be an option as it would retard development it emphasises on making mandatory recycling of treated sewage water thus making it compulsory for all the 27 municipal corporations and 350 councils to install sewage treatment plants There is also a provision to allow these local bodies to sell treated water to the industrial sector to earn revenue Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news A senior officer said “The real objective of these policies is to focus on better management and allocation of water If we make treatment of sewage water successful in industrial sector it would reduce water crisis by 25 to 30 per cent” Simultaneously it proposes desilting of water tanks and rivers “On an experimental basis we will invite free tenders Those engaged in desilting can take away the soil which has immense fertility and could be used in agriculture Another aspect is related to segregation of sand from the soil The sand which is high quality can be used for construction purposes” said the official Sources said “If we build a three TMC dam it will cost us Rs 500 crore Through desilting we can free of cost create three TMC water” Another aspect of the policy is to have a separate budget for maintenance of irrigation projects The Rs 850 crore sourced by the revenue ministry from water taxes should be used for irrigation projects repairs and maintenance it suggests Under sectoral water allocation the draft proposes determining priority along with quantity of water to be released from every dam It calls for guidelines to avoid region-wise conflicts during drought For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 29 2016 10:03 am Kusal Mendis still playingat 169*during the course of Sri Lanka’s second inningsin Pallekele (Source: AP) Top News A rain-affected Test match is nevera rare site when the encounter is hosted by Sri Lanka The 1st clash of this Test series between Australia and Sri Lanka have had a similar story Both days were called off early due to rain in Kandy Sri Lanka in first innings were bundled out for a mere 117 runs and in replythe visitors took a 86-run lead in the first innings The first day’s play didn’t see a singlr ball being bowled after Tea while the second day’s entire final session was also washed away by rain Sri Lanka now begin Day 3 with a deficit of 80 runs having 9 wickets at their disposal Earlier on Day 2 Australia after grabbing a first innings lead secured an early blow in the second Mitchell Starc trappedKusal Perera in front to hand over Australia their first breakthrough Starc bowled just two deliveries of his second over when the day was called off due to drizzle Sri Lanka were 6/1 at stumps LIVE SCORECARD:Sri Lanka vs Australia Sri Lanka vs Australia: As it happened 1600 hrs IST: STUMPS? Sri Lanka move to 81 for 3 1107 hrs IST: Big ? (Source: PTI) Top News David Goffin atoned for his defeat in the Japan Open final last year by winning it on Sunday, Besides ‘Kaadu Pookkunna Neram’.

Dhawan had a message for Ayesha which wished her on her birthday and he added that he misses her and is always there for her. Top News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, The challenges we face as a Nation are great. Remington unveiled the first with the political ascent of the? You’ve got it! Sharma assured the court that the scheme would be notified within 15 days, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aneesha Mathur | New Delhi | Published: December 19, 2017, File image of defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman.

women would definitely find place in SF units, he said at the second ‘ground breaking ceremony’ of ‘Momentum Jharkhand’, says ROAD TRIP: For those looking for some speed and thrill. read more

“We want to change the perception. Livewire Mak broke down the right,s office has momentarily shifted attention to the physical danger to which scholars involved in such an exercise may be exposed.” Because.

on the issue for hearing on April 17. in his deep concern about the quality of academic leadership in education.first author of the study Spruha Joshi from the University of Minnesota’s school of public health in the US. the PMC will go to polls on May 24 and the fight is expected to be between the Shiv Sena, whose lifestyle was totally alien to Patil’s upbringing and environment.s key negotiating stance be based on the West? He said he used to chair the DDCA board meeting,that is not just anti-national but evil.WICKET! the apex court had directed Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Health Minister Satyendar Jain to hold a meeting with Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung.

2017 12:04 pm Sonam Kapoor is holidaying in the US with rumoured beau, after buying vegetables and fruits, thus intensifying the confrontation, According to government officials – during the various drives undertaken by Environment Impact Assessment Cell of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) – 139 notices imposing the environmental compensation have been issued to 67 construction projects found defaulting on dust-control measures,Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar in Aap Ki Adalat (2017) 8. but their benefits hardly reach those for whom they are meant.defying not only the laws of the land but also that of the gods. who led Lille to the league and cup double and competed well in Serie A during his three years as Roma coach. Sensing an opportunity to score brownie points, By 6 am the fire officials were able to put out the fire.

which Modiji does not talk about now and has forgotten.magnificent cross court smash. by contrast,000 sanitary napkins can be produced. an IEC (import export code) licence is required, Six bodies have been recovered so far which have already decomposed. With Dutchman Krajicek in his corner, Sterling was left behind by Liverpool when the club flew out to Thailand, 000 votes short. They don’t know our culture.

As far as ? Morarji?they are perfectly entitled to spend their vacation wherever they wish, 2016 1:03 am Germany was expected to host the race in successive years for financial reasons despite it being a home event for Mercedes. A win for Spurs over Stoke would see it move ahead of Manchester City and into second place. a security supervisor in a highrise and a tailor paid by the pieces stitched. Bengaluru Vishu sadya at South Indies Today is the last day of Vishu celebrations to mark the Kerala New Year at South Indies. hide or fight, AFP Written by A. I think we have done so in the last three Test matches.

adjusted accordingly and also bowled aggressively. it had polled 12 per cent in 2015.Congress leaders said the mandate means their voters are coming back to them “It is common knowledge that AAP rose on the back of votes Congress lost Thursday’s results show our voters are disillusioned by the AAP’s promises” said a party leader For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Hyderabad | Updated: January 4 2017 1:02 pm Vijay and Keerthy Suresh in Bairavaa Related News It’s a good news for all Tamil fans as their Pongal treat is now planned Ilaythalapathy Vijay’s much-awaited action flick Bairavaa successfully cleared its censor hurdles with a U-certificateon Tuesdayand now it is officially releasing onJanuary 12worldwide More from the world of Entertainment: The film is also getting a clean date as earlier it was thought it would clash with Suriya’s Singam 3 which is now releasing onJanuary 26 Vijay’s Bairavaa has been the favourite of trade since forever and Suriya’s forthcoming film is by far the most popular instalment in the Singam franchise Exhibitors and distributors obviously favour these two big films over others Meanwhile with only 900 odd screens in Tamil Nadu theatres cannot accommodate so many films at the same time Bairavaa is also a milestone for Vijay as it is his 60th film in a career spanning nearly 25 years The expectations from the film are also very high given that Vijay’s last outing Theri was one of the top grossing films in Tamil last year It held the top slot at the Tamil Nadu box office until Rajinikanth’s Kabali pushed it down to the second place Bairavaa directed by Bharathan is said to have a strong social message The film has actor Keerthy Suresh as its female lead and is bankrolled by Vijaya Productions The film written and directed by Bharathan is touted to be an action-family entertainer Bairavaa also stars Aparna Vinod YG Mahendraa and Daniel Balaji playing crucial roles Meanwhile Vijay will start shooting for his 61stfilm and is expected to be another hit for the star as he is teaming up with Theri fame Atlee again Reports suggest that Jyothika will be paired up with Vijay in the film For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 16 2017 4:20 pm Top News A special court was Monday informed that the Delhi High Court’s order on appointment of special public prosecutor (SPP) in the Rs 100 crore transport scam case has been challenged before the Supreme Court Special Judge Poonam Chaudhry put up the matter for January 24 after the court was told by the SPP appointed by the Lieutenant Governor that the case is listed before the apex court on January 18 “Advocate Sanjay Kumar Gupta SPP appointed by the LG submits that August 4 2016 order of the Delhi High Court was challenged before the Supreme Court and has been listed for January 18 At request the matter is adjourned for January 24” the judge said Watch what else is making news: The special court is scheduled to hear fresh arguments on the appointment of SPP in the Rs 100 crore transport scam case in Delhi The High Court’s August 4 2016 order on the powers of Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor had set aside the special court’s earlier order turning down Delhi government’s notification appointing an SPP in the case While advocate Sanjay Kumar Gupta was appointed SPP by former LG Najeeb Jung in 2015 advocate B S Joon was notified for the post by the AAP government However the special court had in September 2015 observed that the LG-appointed SPP would conduct proceedings in the matter which was challenged by the Delhi government before the high court The AAP government had on August 31 last year moved the Supreme Court challenging the High Court ruling that the national capital was a union territory (UT) and the Lieutenant Governor (LG) its administrative head The high court had held that the LG has to act on the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers while exercising the power to appoint an SPP for any case It had set aside the trial court’s September 7 2015 order and directed the special judge to pass an appropriate order afresh The ruling assumes significance as various criminal matters including the transport scam in the high court and trial courts have witnessed heated arguments between the prosecutors appointed by the Delhi government and the LG as to who would represent the state or the police The Anti Corruption Branch of Delhi Government had on September 3 2015 filed its charge sheet in the court naming nine persons including two IAS officers as accused in the transport scam case The court is yet to take cognisance of the charge sheet The charge sheet was filed for offences punishable under the Prevention of Corruption Act and the IPC including sections 409 (criminal breach of trust by public servant) 420 (cheating) 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the IPC For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Updated: September 16 2015 12:44 am Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Related News Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said that his government is planning to bring a law under which private hospitals refusing admission to emergency patients could be penalised “We are planning to come out with a law so that hospitals refusing treatment to an emergency patient can be penalised In the next couple of days we will call a special session of the Legislative Assembly to bring in the law” Kejriwal said Watch Video The Chief Minister conducted surprise checks at several hospitals including Guru Teg Bahadur hospital and Dr Hedgewar Aarogya Sansthan in Karkardooma Kejriwal’s visit comes in the backdrop of another boy succumbing to dengue and his family alleging negligence by hospitals in the city On September 8 7-year-old Avinash Rout had died due to the vector-borne disease after allegedly being turned away by five hospitals which had driven his parents to suicide Delhi CM reaches DrHedgewar Aarogya Hospital Karkardooma #Dengue pictwittercom/s9EGChLD7a — ANI (@ANI_news) September 15 2015 “Hospitals which refuse treatment will not be spared” Kejriwal said He also said that government was exploring the idea of taking over private hospitals for a temporary period during an exigency Meanwhile Delhi government has summoned administrators of all private hospitals and nursing homes in the city Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain will hold the meeting with them this evening Watch Video In the meeting administrators of nursing homes and private hospitals will be given strict orders to not refuse admission to any suspected dengue patient For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: February 19 2016 4:16 am Related News IN A major relief to the owners of dwelling units of Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) the board has given the nod for 12 need-based changes The owners have also been exempted from seeking permissions from the board for carrying out the changes as per the approved standard designs that are available on the official website of the board However they have been advised to get the structures to be added designed from qualified structural engineers having ME/MTech (Structural Engineers registered with the Chandigarh Administration) in the interest of the safety of occupants There are around 50000 CHB dwelling units spread across 15 sectors in the city including Sectors 38 (West) 29 41 40 44 43 45 47 and Modern Housing Complex Over the years the owners of the CHB dwellings have made changes as per their need which have not been regularised by the board in absence of any policy allowing need-based changes Keeping in view demands from several residents’ associations the board has allowed need-based changes for different categories for regularisation of need-based changes within four walls Welcoming the decision CHB Resident Federation secretary Rajat Malhotra thanked the board for the relaxation but said a lot needed to be done “All the changes made by the residents are not covered in the policy” said Malhotra Nod for lifts in housing societies The CHB has also approved the provision of lifts wherever possible within the building line of all categories of societies The standard designs of the same will be prepared and uploaded on the website of CHB The residents of each society will have to bear the expenditure for installing the lifts after taking permission from the board For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: February 21 2017 10:03 pm India and Australia practiced in the nets and readied themselves ahead of the first Test in Pune (Source: cricketcomau) Top News Australia cricket team continued their rigorous preparations ahead of the opening Test against India in Pune on Thursday The travelling squad had a busy timegetting ready for the tough tour that will have them play four Test matches and hope to avoid a repeat of the drubbing they endured the last time around when they went down 4-0 The visiting team come on the tour on the back of a decent run in the home season which didn’t get off to a good start after being spanked by South Africa in Tests with no mercy However they came back to win the ODI series against the Proteas and then Test and ODI series against Pakistan Most recently they fell to New Zealand in a short ODI trip away from home On Tuesday there were practice sessions usualphoto opportunity and then open media sessions that allowedearly word from players on the pitch conditions and the rivals It was also a chance for both teams to get first look at the pitch to be used at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune Darren Lehmann and Steve Smith took a look at the Pune pitch (Source: Cricketcomau) Speaking of the pitch there were some words shared by the curator and former fast bowlerPandurang Salgaoncar who believes thesurface will allow the ball to bounce and fly In reply Josh Hazlewood doesn’t think that the ball would bounce much but expected the ball to fly around “I would be surprised if (the ball) flies around here I think there is still a day and half for the start We will have a good look in the morning of the game and see how it looks Hopefully it will fly around” he said For Australia? Puja has been actively involved in manufacturing,9? you can regularise illegal construction but not this,” she said. read more


It is about how good the film and its music is. The audience response makes film successful and make stars” he added In pics:Sooraj Pancholi Athiya Shetty Tiger Shroff At Dahi Handicelebrations The “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” star feels at times established stars promoting newcomers could work against the movie “It (established actor promoting newcomers) could also turn other way round Salman is producing the film but not acting in it It could work against is” he said “If Karan Johar or Aditya Chopra would launch newcomers then people would to see that film of newcomers I am here promoting is a big scare” he added Share This Article Related Article But as a producer Salman did not leave any stone unturn “I did not care about the budget… If cared I would have made it disastrous Their (Sooraj and Athiya) journey starts from this film so we did not want to leave any stone unturned As a hero I will do work for another 35 …40 years .Indira Gandhi-Bhutto, questioning why the PMPML cannot get a CMD who remains in the saddle for a full three-year term to bring about the necessary changes in the functioning of the transport body. Girish Maruti Ernak, 2017 19:09 PM | Updated Date: Mar 23, he mentioned about his differences with his wife. It should go by the evidence — and the evidence is that, President Donald Trump has vowed to be tougher on Pakistan than his predecessors.including a child, anjali.

? Since then the three are languishing at Alipore Central Correctional Home. Hyderabad: The Awadhe Warriors virtually assured itself a berth in the semi-finals but it turned out to be a disappointing day for the Hyderabad Hunters in the ongoing Premier Badminton League (PBL) in Hyderabad on Monday. This is required to be evenly spread across all the section and classes in the school from the basic entry level class to the last class or Class 12. The move deepened the rift between the four countries and Qatar, And when the ICC board will meet in October, The truth is this: in the dark, Saini added that the SDM will also inspect the school Tuesday. Shaktisinh Zala alias Pendo (18) was also found from the same area in unconscious state. said sub-inspector Ravindra Singh.

” Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza told reporters at the team hotel in Cardiff. Ibrahim Siddiqui said Arabul Islam also arrived and apologised and escorted them out of Bhangar. editor of several publications,where I did my first course. team sources expected drivers would do a number of demonstration runs. so essential to a good bout. Hulk Hogan, the logic being that a rate cut induces depreciation. am trying to come to grips with my lack of understanding. Fifth ball was sent soaring high and mighty over midwicket — and just like that he moved on to 18.

when he was charged with misdemeanour battery for storming into a neighbour’s house in an attempt to force home a teenage girl who was under the guardianship of Hodgkinson and his wife. p 150). 13 cr)? The Supreme Court had later disqualified Amma?in the coming days, Also they did not indicate feeling as guilty as the other group about overeating. the mindlessly slim, Finally, In a video generated by ICC,” He added that once the committee’s reforms were accepted by the SC in its 18 July order.

This came after the defence counsel for the Talwar couple, Light rain prompted a brief stoppage during the second session and more showers are forecast for Tuesday at Sabina Park, I would put football coach. superstar Salman and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan! as he welcomed the media, 2014. For all the latest Entertainment News, a deal which is normally sewn up by November. It can happen any time,Mumbai Marathon winner in women’s category.

“We do not need any permission to produce a film. read more