Abdelwahed Radi Publishes Memoir The Morocco I Lived Through

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Rabat – Abdelwahed Radi, Moroccan parliamentarian, exhibited his memoir entitled “The Morocco I Lived Through” on February 11 in Casablanca’s International Book Fair (SIEL).The 800-page memoir was published in Arabic by Almarkaz altakafi lilkitab edition.“My goal was not to disparage my political opponents as other politicians who have written their memoirs did,” explained Radi during the presentation. “My goal is to give personal testimony about what I have experienced since my childhood.”From his childhood as an orphan, through his years in Paris, to his election of the presidency of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Abdelouahed Radi has returned with a book full of anecdotes from a lifetime dedicated to the passionate service of a political ambition.Radi is a Professor of Social Psychology at Mohammed V University in Rabat and spent 53 years dedicating his life in parliament. He was born in 1935, in Sale, near Rabat.He embarked on his political journey at the age of 24 by contributing to USFP’s founding in 1959, after Mehdi Ben Barka, Abdellah Ibrahim and Abderrahim Bouabid dissented from the Istiqlal Party (Independence Party).Radi was also one of the founders of the leading associations and unions in the mid-20th century, including the National Union of Students (UNEM) and the Popular Childhood Movement.

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