Is Your Company Ready For A Mass Exodus Of Talent?

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first_imgWith 84% of employees planning to look for a new position in 2011, according to Manpower, a job placement firm, companies may be faced with surprise attrition, and should be concerned their employees are looking for greener pastures.So what is a company to do? Here are a few suggestions…Re-on board your current staff. This may sound hokey but we all remember those fast hiring days of the late 90’s when on-boarding best practices were all the rage. And the truth was those practices served the purpose of welcoming new talent, making them part of the team, communicating culture and goals, etc. The truth may be for your company that hiring has not been that high the past few years, and the culture[SZ1] message a little hard to exclaim and ‘pump up’ the troops. Well, it is not a bad idea to remind ourselves and our employees why we do what we do. So re-recruit by re-on boarding your employees and make it an honest and exciting exercise.Start filling your talent pipeline by recruiting ahead of demand. I write on this subject more than any other because I am determined to make a part of the recruitment process proactive and strategic vs. the tactical reactive process it is today. Why wait to find talent when a position is open, find the right talent and build the relationship now. How you ask? With honesty and integrity. There is nothing wrong with stating verbally or in print that “we are not current looking to fill this position, HOWEVER are deeply interested in establishing a relation of value with talent that …..(fill in the blanks)” I believe that this verbiage and the practice of strategic proactive recruiting is the next new phase in the recruitment supply chain and have been building and experimenting with a format to support just this sort of activity at StrictlyTalent. It will be interesting if I am right but for now start the practice yourselves to insure you have the right talent when you need them.Strengthen Your Existing Talent: Make your management staff locate, create a relationship with or hire their replacement and the talent had better be stronger than they are. Why? Great talent will cause a company to grow and ALL involved reap those rewards. Make this a part of their MBO performance package, check quarterly on progress and congratulate those who get this job done. If employees want to move, take advantage by preparing your company.And if your feel a number in your company are looking for greener pastures go ask why and where. Study your competition to see if the grass really is greener. You may need to make changes or you will have the facts in place to remind at the right time that the grass is rarely greener on the other side of the hill.last_img

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