Police turn away players’ baggage bus

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first_imgFor once, the Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) was efficient and left no stone unturned to ensure there were hardly any organisational problems on Saturday. However, the same can’t be said about the Delhi Police.In a bizarre incident, the bus carrying the players’ baggage was asked to be driven out of the Ferozeshah Kotla and return with the correct parking label.Even though the players and the bus carrying their baggage was allowed to enter the stadium at first, the latter wasn’t allowed to be parked as the label designated for parking inside the stadium wasn’t the one put on the bus.Eventually DDCA vice-president Chetan Chauhan had to intervene before the bus was allowed to stay.Even though he was seen shouting at the officials, Chauhan played down the incident when MAIL TODAY enquired about the mess.”Well, these things keep happening when you are hosting an international match. You can’t really blame anyone and it is more a case of misunderstanding. The police also have to do their job and be cautious of every movement as security is of prime importance,” he said.While the bus driver kept shouting and Chauhan tried to calm everyone down, an official of the Delhi Police could be overheard screaming that he wouldn’t allow anyone unless the stickers on the vehicles weren’t proper. But the police’s insistence on maintaining a strict vigil wasn’t restricted to the baggage bus. Even the commentators’ car was stopped outside the stadium. They had to walk the few hundred metres from the Kotla Fort to enter the ground.advertisement”The police stopped us suddenly as we were about to enter the stadium and said we didn’t have the sticker that was designated to be put on the commentators’ vehicles. So they said we needed to get down and walk to the ground. We all know that there is no point trying to argue with the police, so we preferred keeping shut,” one of the commentators told MAIL TODAY.last_img

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