Royal marriage between a Guyanese and an Ethiopian prince

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first_imgDear Editor,We recently saw that a beautiful young woman of Guyanese descent, Ms Ariana Austin, got married to an Ethiopian Prince, the great grandson of His Imperial Majesty Hailie Selassie-I, the last Emperor of Ethiopia.This is the world’s oldest and most significant royal lineage; it dates back to the biblical King David, Solomon and Queen of Sheba. And if you look further, some may propose that this lineage goes all the way back to Moses, Noah and Enoch, as in the Book of Enoch and the fallen angels.A beautiful daughter of Guyana has now done something so important for our country’s history that we may not know its impact for generations to come. Guyana is now part of a history that created the foundation of the entire world civilizations, including that of Egypt.A dynasty that ruled the world long before our history books became white-washed. From India to South and Central America, this Ethiopian dynasty built great cities and civilizations beyond our imagination, and enlightened the world.This Royal lineage provided refuge and support for Islam in its infancy, where King Negus or Najashi protected the family of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when they were being persecuted in Mecca. The crowns of Europe drew inspiration and support from this lineage, as they were merely barbarians with no clue of civility in those days. Thanks to Ethiopian Royalty, the Europeans learned to be kings and queens.This Royal family is responsible for the rebirth of black consciousness in the form of Rastafari, and reverence is given to Emperor Haile Selassie-I for this great movement across the globe. His inspiration and vision led black people of the West to have something to hold on to in a time of white oppression from slavery to now.Selassie-I predicted World War Two when Europe was still in denial, and established the African Union. He is known as the great peace maker of nations, since he had the ability to stop wars on the 11th hour through his negotiating skills.Even though the Royal Family is no longer ruling Ethiopia today, history will show that this will only be a moment of exile, and this great family will return to their rightful place as rulers again.Princess Mekennon, as she would now be called, has just linked Guyana to the only Royal Family that can claim their ancestry to being chosen by God, and that is something to be extremely inspired by.Sincerely,Malcolm Watkinslast_img

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