Paco Jemez knew for two years that we could sign a Chinese player, says Rayo director

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first_img “Away from this, at this club we want to do everything to get our targets, because it is hard enough as it is with the budget we have. Paco has one way of airing his problems, which have become public, but I don’t like that. I am a bit annoyed, not because I said those things, but rather because the information that has come out is incorrect.” “My relationship with Paco Jemez is good. There are certain aspects that I don’t like, but that’s how it is. For me, what I don’t like is that there are lies and he knows as well as I, because I have spoken with him, that for two years we could bring in a Chinese player. This is the reality,” Minambres stated in a press conference. Upd. at 19:15 CEST The arrival of Zhang Chengdong, from Beijing Guoan, is a result of an agreement between Rayo with their Chinese shirt sponsor, with the Madrid-based club able to pick a Chinese player to have at the club. “Now, Zhang is one of the squad and it will be Paco’s decision as to whether to use him or not. Nobody meddles in the managerial decisions. He chooses those who play and those that convince him.” 04/08/2015center_img “In the first year, nobody came because we couldn’t make a loan deal. I chose a player that I knew from watching him for three seasons in Portugal and I told the sponsor that I wanted him. From there, they made it possible for him to come, and if it hadn’t been this player then it could have taken more years for a player to arrive.” EFE “He (Paco Jemez) has one way of thinking about his problems and I have another. The things that I say here, stay here, they are not meant to be public. There situation is wrong and I don’t know if it was him, or the journalist. What is certain, is that he has known for two years that we could bring in a Chinese player. I spoke with him and told him that this was the case.” Felipe Minambres, sporting director of Rayo, has cleared up the controversy which has stemmed from the words of Paco Jemez. The coach said that they had been forced to sign a Chinese player, alluding to Zhang Chengdong, though Minambres has stated that “for two years” the Rayo boss had known that they could sign a player from the Asian country. “We have to clear things up and leave alone the topic of the player. It ‘s a known thing, from the first day that he arrived from China. It is a situation where I have chosen the player, the same as 97 or 98% of the other players who come in,” Minambres revealing, sharing that he didn’t have to sign Zhang Chengdong.last_img

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