Include in a record time collected the required 250.000 euros of investment, the next target 400.000 euros

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first_imgIn just 10 days of campaigning on Funderbeamu, 21-year-old innovator Ivan Mrvoš, founder of the company Include he managed to exceed the initial requested amount and raise almost 270.000 euros of investment for the development of his smart benches.In record time, a successful domestic startup aroused great interest and became the most successful company in terms of collection speed on the innovative Funderbeam platform for investing and trading startup shares. About 90 investors from all over the world have already shown that they believe in the global success of the Croatian startup, and among them were entrepreneur and investor Nenad Bakić, as well as popular mathematician Toni Milun, who expressed his support via Twitter.The next goal of the young Croatian innovator is the amount of 400.000 euros, for which he has 20 days of the campaign left. “I am very pleased with the fact that we reached our initial goal so early, especially when we consider that this is a new approach to funding. A lot of people have supported us from the beginning, and now with the release of Include on Funderbeam they have been given the opportunity to invest in us and secure their stake in the company. Anyone can invest with an initial amount of 100 euros, and the funds raised will be used for even faster business development and penetration into new markets”, Said Ivan Mrvoš, founder and director of Include.Founded in September 2016, Funderbeam South-East Europe is a Zagreb-based company in which the Zagreb Stock Exchange has a 20% stake and is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development through their Shareholders Special Fund, while the Estonian Funderbeam owns the other 80 percent.Funderbeam is a global platform on which startup companies can raise funds, and investors after the initial investment phase can trade their shares thanks to an innovative system based on blockchain technology. The value of Funderbeam was also recognized by Skype founder Jaan Tallinn, one of the first investors in the company.last_img

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