HOK’s reaction to the text “Caterers without the right to vote”

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first_imgRelated to the text “Non-voting caterers”, Authored by Zoran Lukić, President of the Croatian Association of Waiters and Bartenders, published on the website hrturizam.hr on June 13, 2016, and which was transferred from the portal Barmen.hr, we announce the response Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK) which we transmit to you in full. As the Guild of Caterers and Tourist Employees of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts is unjustifiably called out in several places in this text, this is the reason for our address in front of the Guild, with the intention of correcting incorrectly stated or incorrectly emphasized allegations.From the above text, we single out the allegations to which we react: ….it is unfortunate that only caterers and representatives of CEHs are silent when the state strikes levies on the back….… .I never once heard on television that the CEH of the caterer rebelled and got to his feet….… ..I was present at some seminars and meetings where ideas were presented – take for example a seminar on the “New Labor Law” where only representatives of large hotel houses were present and proposed laws that would facilitate work in hotels (a system where they have all the departments arranged and it is not a problem for them to have an economist in the kitchen…) but there was NO ONE present representing the little caterer, which is most important for the image of tourism in the country… ..… .The sessions of the CEH of caterers are always closed and, unfortunately, we cannot act in isolation from the outside on important plans and changes that directly affect the development strategy of the Croatian hospitality sector. I would be overjoyed that all the membership fees that caterers have to pay actually make sense and contribute to the improvement of business conditions of the caterer …….The Guild of Caterers and Tourist Employees of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts (HOK) gathers over 16.000 craftsmen and caterers and is the most numerous Guild of HOK, and currently about 78.000 trades are active in the Republic of Croatia. Guilds are established to harmonize and resolve professional issues of the industry to which the craftsman belongs, craftsmen organize their professional work by guilds at the level of associations of craftsmen (cities and municipalities), regional (county) Chamber of Crafts and HOK.There are 9 guilds at the Croatian Chamber of Crafts (Guild of Carriers, Guild of Caterers for Tourist Workers, Guild for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Guild of Trade, Guild of Construction, Guild of Hairdressers and Beauticians, Guild of Production Crafts, Guild of Service Crafts, Guild of Agriculture and Freshwater Fisheries). Initiatives coming from the field, the Guild considers at the local and national level and sends proposals to the competent local and state authorities, in order to jointly eliminate the problems and obstacles encountered by caterers and tourism professionals in their business.Representing the interests of the membership is the primary task of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, as well as the Guilds. The author of the text states that he did not meet anyone who would represent the small caterer at seminars and meetings where the new laws were discussed. The question is whether the author of the text is a craftsman or a company. Namely, craftsmen (of all activities, including the caterer), are members of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, and companies of all activities – doo, jdoo (as well as caterers) are members of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.Anyone who sees their interest in such an association and joins more and more, as they get to know the activities of the professional gathering, as well as the work of the Guild of Caterers and Tourist Workers, can join the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts as voluntary members. Everyone is welcome, as is Mr. Lukić if he is registered as a caterer or wishes the catering profession well. Our Guilds independently organize discussions on new laws, and in addition, the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts has representatives of the profession in numerous working groups and commissions at the ministries, thus directly participating in the preparation of new laws.Nenad Šepak, President of the Guild of Caterers and Tourist Workers of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts / Photo: HOKWhat does the Guild of Caterers and Tourism Workers do? Lot.In the past, the caterers have proactively worked to reduce the VAT from 25% to 10% (now to 13%), by including wine and beer in food products, we have enabled the application of a rate of 13%, we have lifted the rigorous smoking ban – the only one in Europe, changed the law on 0,0 per mille, abolished the certification of price lists and standards, abolished the collection of signatures of tenants, abolished the search for administrative solutions for working hours, expanded the tourist zone, reduced payments for monument rent, reduced rent for business premises, abolished the ban on alcohol 6 to 8 hours, enabled the transfer of minimum technical requirements, increased personal deductions and increased consumption, participated in the drafting of the new Law on Hospitality, returned the profession to the laws and regulations on hospitality.In Zagreb, caterers managed to reduce consumption taxes by 33%, revised price lists, ordinances and decisions on communal order and public areas and the installation of terraces. How many caterers, for example, wrote to the Government and asked that guests can smoke in their bars, remember the famous 0 per mille of blood alcohol, VAT reduction from 25% to 13%, then extremely useful and free guides and documents for self-management HACCP system, whose price was initially € 5.000?And all this is used by caterers (not only craftsmen, members of HOK, but everyone), thanks to their representatives in the Guild and experts in the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts who defended the requests of caterers in contacts with the ministries. All activities of the Guild are public and transparent, information from the sessions is published on the website www.hok.hr and on the Facebook page of the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts and are distributed to the media, and press conferences are also organized.Value Added Tax ActWith the support of the Ministry of Tourism, a lower VAT rate (initially 10%, then 13%) was prescribed for catering services, which greatly contributes to the competitiveness of this economic sector and equalization of business conditions compared to other EU countries.Leadč good hygiene practices and HACCP leadsčThe development of the Guide to Good Hygienic Practice and the HACCP Guide for the Catering, Trade, Confectionery and Bakery activities has provided a direct benefit for our members, which is measured in tens of millions of kunas. Since HOK initiated the adoption of national guides that are publicly available, craftsmen are not forced to bring guides for each activity per person, and thus significant savings have been made to our members.More flexible regulated smoking in catering facilitiesAfter the restrictive Law on Restricting the Use of Tobacco Products, when the possibility of smoking in catering facilities was completely excluded, the HOK initiative changed the law so that smoking is allowed completely in small bars up to 50 square meters, or for larger bars in separate special rooms.Mitigated per mille in the Road Traffic Safety ActAfter the restrictive Law on Road Traffic Safety, which allowed driving with only 0 per mille of alcohol in the blood, at the initiative of HOK, changes were accepted to a reasonable extent, which provided sufficient traffic safety and normal business and consumption of food and beverages in restaurants. . Until this change, significant losses were recorded in the entire catering and wine production.For caterers, smaller subscription for HRT Prema Croatian Radio and Television Act OG 137/10, legal and natural persons performing catering activities in accordance with a special law by paying a monthly fee for one receiver in a catering facility acquired, through the commitment of HOK, the right to use three additional receivers in the same catering facility without paying a monthly fee.Law on Catering ActivityThe Guild actively participated in the preparation of the draft Law on Hospitality, which entered into force in early August 2015.The Ministry accepted some long-standing requests from the Guild of Caterers and Tourist Workers:greater possibility of extension of working hours for catering facilities by local government and self-government;in catering facilities it will be possible to trade on a smaller scale (sale of souvenirs, paintings, snack products, printed matter, etc.) in accordance with a special regulation governing the performance of trade activities;the possibility for caterers to provide accommodation services in rooms such as rooms, apartments, studio apartments and holiday homes, regardless of the organizational form, in business and residential buildings;the caterer is allowed to deny, in addition to serving alcoholic beverages and beverages containing alcohol, a guest he deems to be under 18 years of age;a public Central Register for catering and tourism services is established;it is planned to reduce the maximum and minimum amounts of fines for individual offenses, and prescribe higher fines for repeat offenders, and reduce the amount of fines for those that can be imposed at the scene of the offense. The amounts of fines are equal for natural persons, craftsmen and legal entities;our greatest success is that the Guild’s request was accepted that each catering unit must have an employed professional (with the appropriate qualification or with a passed exam on professional qualification and a master’s exam).Of course, there are still unresolved issues, such as, for example, the consumption tax, the recognition of entertainment expenses, inspections, occasional employment, but the Guild is continuously working on resolving them. “With respect,President of the Guild of Caterers and Tourist WorkersCroatian Chamber of Trades and CraftsNenad Šepaklast_img

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