Month: June 2017

franchise chain is a form of entrepreneurship, a lot of lack of money or experience entrepreneurs tend to choose this form of entrepreneurship. In fact, to join the venture business is not good to do, you need a certain skill, to avoid some wrong methods.

successful franchise system not only has the same requirements of leader, there are requirements for franchisees.

The best franchise system

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as long as the smoke and deal with, whether it is the seller, or buyers, in fact, are afraid to encounter fake. After all, buyers spend money, the result is a fake, inevitably sad. For sellers, it is likely to have a very negative impact on the store’s business. Because of this, in the process of visiting customers, customer manager retail customers sometimes encounter such complaints: consumers in the purchase of cigarette smoking on the one or two, immediately conclude that the cigarette quality problems, said even cigarettes. read more

with the progress of the times, not only women in the pursuit of brand, brand effect is applicable to all the people, how to find a little investment in the male market, but a lot of money income project to do business? Why don’t you try to open a lingerie store?!

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There are a lot of

entrepreneurial projects, different entrepreneurial groups have different project choice, then, what is suitable for college students do? The following is recommended for college students venture, for your reference, of course, specific projects need to look at the actual situation!

shop recommended: students start the project

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How to choose the

dry cleaning shop? Franchisee to do investment business, not just throw money, it is certainly through multiple visits, do a good job of investment preparation, decided to join a project. How to find a suitable investment brand? Many consumers are not very clear, hurry to learn about it.

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health beauty chain stores in the location and can not only take into account the current market situation, but also need to consider the future development potential of the lot. If there are many unfavorable factors, we need to consider it carefully. Many businesses are the lack of consideration of this layer, the site will fail.

in the site selection, we must have a vision of development, not only to study the status quo, but also the correct prediction of the future. Because the location of the site where the situation is changing: the traffic conditions are improving, the competition is more and more intense, the environment is changing and developing. read more

Spring Festival is coming soon, so, you seize the opportunity of this holiday? New year’s day has always been the peak season of consumption, and with the change of people’s lifestyle, some unexpected new year’s Spring Festival began to emerge.

28 year old Tang Qi spring festival with her husband to return to my hometown in Hubei, home to the "poodle" had her heart: fly back home, not with the dog counterparts; the couple had no relatives in Shanghai, to foster.

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"Spring Festival to worship a pay New Year’s call early, good health, two times less difficult, thanks to three troubles away, four times around the happiness……" Today, the Spring Festival Spring Festival SMS message, becoming more and more mobile phone users during the Spring Festival is essential to life. Many sites have opened columns to launch a variety of new year blessings read more

policy to give financial support for innovation and entrepreneurship is more and more big, therefore, China is not short of money, but, in addition to the success of funds also need good business projects, at present, Chinese is the lack of good business projects.

with double tide to push, more and more entrepreneurs feel venture money is not good to take, domestic entrepreneurship is experiencing winter capital". New Oriental Group Chairman, Yu Minhong, founding partner of the fund, recently accepted an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said that the arrival of the capital winter is a good thing, allowing entrepreneurs to be more cautious. He believes that, in fact, China is not short of money, but the lack of good projects, China really has less than 1% of innovative projects. The "double" and support of government funds, he said direct subsidies and subsidies for venture capital project are wrong, reasonable choice of government is the establishment of parent fund funds to invest in venture capital institutions professional. read more

grades are different, the face of the consumer is different, the operation of the store will naturally be different. In the current environment of the entire consumer, but instead of a lot of mid-range lingerie store favorite, has a good market prospects. However, the current fierce competition in the shop, if you want to successfully set up shop, naturally need to master more knowledge. So, how to open a successful underwear store? Let me see small series of.

is now a lot of home underwear underwear store rich in style, colors, and lace and embroidery are very delicate, but the price is not high, mostly in dozens of yuan, which is the most popular price six, seventy yuan of underwear, quality and workmanship are good. read more

venture a lot of people, but not everyone can get a happy business results, some people even suffered heavy losses. Why is there such a situation? In addition to their own ability, there are some other factors, here Xiaobian summed up the success of the five entrepreneurial experience, take a look at it!

 Good choice, good at creating

. Investors need to adjust the heart, do not let the mood hurt yourself   negative attitude of the people, in any case can not afford to pick and burden of life, because they can not face all setbacks in life, become a major event on the high-speed state of mind, even if there is no hope, can also see a successful light. read more

entrepreneurs in the business must have thought about such a problem: what consumers really want, how can we open the market today, and make up a small talk about it. As Emerson said, truth is our element. It can be predicted that in the commercial society after the product economy, the service economy and the experience of the economic development stage, to provide true as the fundamental demands of the real economy will soon be popular.

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different age groups, each person’s experience will be different, the idea of entrepreneurship will naturally be different, and suitable for entrepreneurial opportunities are very different. In this context, if we want to achieve entrepreneurial success, naturally also need to choose the time to start. So, young people should choose when to start a business?

‘s career is a long process, but the five stage is known as the golden phase.

(I) is the first twenty-four years to the age of "Probation" read more

Although the

motorcycle running horsepower is large, running too fast, but it is not only the sound, and fuel consumption, the most important thing is going on the license, so many people are not willing to buy the product, electric bicycles have become the owner of such a large market penetration rate, a derivative new business opportunities!

charging device consists of five parts, respectively is the fast charging battery, fast charging charger, charging device of intelligent IC card billing system, located in the side of the road and the supporting cable, plug and socket etc.. In this system, the most critical rechargeable battery and charger have been applied for national invention patent. The price of the whole system is around 3000 yuan. read more

now the society appeared a lot of entrepreneurs, and there are a lot of entrepreneurs are also considering should choose an entrepreneurial project what is more money, now the children’s market there are still many gaps in the market.

now what business profits? That’s what many entrepreneurs want to know. If you want to make money, you have to find the right object to make money, and now the children’s money is best earned, so you want to make money to seize the opportunity.

what business profitable toy store "gold" children’s economy but read more

for some graduates who just graduated out of school, the funding problems start at the beginning of a problem, start at the beginning of the need to resolve at the same time, now governments are aware of this problem, providing loans and subsidies for college students.

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Shanghai is a city of great development and innovation, but also the hearts of many entrepreneurs in the Holy land. Recently, the Shanghai Jinyang community entrepreneurial post opened to help the community to carry out entrepreneurial business entrepreneurial business, grasp the risk.

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exhibition is actually equivalent to a small investment show will be a variety of brands of their own outstanding products show, in order to win people’s attention. 2015 Changsha International Robot and automation exhibition will be a lot of people’s attention, the following is the introduction of the content of the exhibition.

2015 China (Changsha) International Robot and Automation Exhibition of the scope of what? The people’s Government of Changsha September 18, 2014 issued a "three year plan" the development of the industrial robot industry, plan put forward by the end of 2017, the industrial robot industry production capacity exceeded 10 billion yuan; realize the industrial robot application on a large scale in key industrial areas of the city, industrial robots density reached 100 units / million. read more

red wine market has great room for development, follow the spread of China’s wine culture, continue to open the red wine market, many investors concern, so the sales staff, sales of wine is not only liquor, it is also sold in culture. Red wine agent should be taken into account? Sales skills are key! The following Xiaobian to explain some of the red wine sales skills, hoping to help the red wine sales staff to sell more products, financial resources come!

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this year to open a snack bar, choose what brand project is better? What do you think of this dumpling shop. I believe that dumplings are everyone likes to eat food, so open a dumpling shop is a good choice. But opening a store profits Boiled dumplings? Small weapon, now open a shop on the choice of Boiled dumplings open smile: Boiled dumplings to join the brand, not only the market prospect is very broad, and considerable profit


laughed out Boiled dumplings is to have independent intellectual property rights and well-known trademark brand, by way of franchising business in the country authorized agents to join the chain. Smile betrayed Boiled dumplings won the national invention and utility model patents two, by the Shandong Provincial Consumer Association as a "green public food". At present, the franchise chain stores in the country more than 500. read more

no matter when, start-up companies will be affected by the market environment, these effects may be opportunities, it may be a challenge. Before you start your business, you need to identify and take advantage of the current situation that is changing the way many big companies can’t be sustainable.

in the news every day we will see the change in evidence shows that some irresistible force that is causing these changes. For example, the popularity of the Internet in the global context, in the process of the establishment of the company’s social media power, as well as the consumption of natural resources and pollution, etc.. For entrepreneurs, these are huge challenges, but also a huge opportunity. read more