Month: July 2017

as a webmaster want to achieve the dream to get rich on the Internet, should consider the thing is positioned in the station before, you want to rely on the flow of content is king or commercial profit, the king, on orders of profit, I spent three months in the site before considering the positioning of your site, and this site only 35 days, I do not want to emphasize a station faster on your behalf more cattle, but you build a station, before taking into account more problems, more clear thinking, after you spend less time, citing a word is "do not seek a global shortage seek a domain", the website is a platform for your final decision success is your idea. This article I simply share the 35 days of the site of the steps, on site positioning and ideas, I will write something special, and we discuss together. read more

local gateway community is a popular site type in today’s webmaster circles. Its flexible online and offline profit model is the main reason for its favorite by the webmaster, but its relatively complex, heavy operation, but also a lot of personal webmaster love and hate for him. Many individuals build their own local community portal after the site into a low active dead end. And its reason often comes from the operation of the door, do not have local condition to detonate hot spot focus. Below, I will take my own community portal, Lanzhou LAN 100 network as an example to talk about the operation of the road. read more

makes help everywhere.

Does the

help follow the user or does the user come to the help center?

obviously, it is better to help go with the user, users go to where, for the user to do the work of clearing up doubts there.

users might appear on the page which doubts, this time, the simple explanation is the maximum user help.

is best to establish a center for help thinking, to walk around the user to help, go to go to the user, not to build a huge user assistance center, let users encounter problems to find a solution make light of travelling a thousand li a little problem. Help center more to build bigger, more problems, a small problem is more difficult to find, when the help center into a tall temple, began from the user. Go among the masses! Go among the masses! read more

is looking forward to the website search engine is not very high, the search engine for a website in accordance with the basic requirements of the optimization and the user experience can be, so how to do a website to be able to make the search engine on the web sit up and take notice? Below it for a detailed talk.

based on relevance, so that the search engine to remember web site

With the continuous improvement of the

search engine algorithm, before the kind of random extract content phenomenon has been recognized by search engines, cry up wine and sell vinegar is not the case search engine allows, want to let the search engine to remember our site, as a webmaster to do is according to the title and keywords editorial content website and let the whole website showing a harmonious picture, and not irrelevant content, so that it can make the search engine on the website of the memory deepen, before the kind of random and not related to the content of the search engine has been eliminated. read more

do a webmaster has half the time, a word, tired, tired and there is no end to vote, day and night two dizzy flower, the spirit of the poor. And don’t give up the network in the world, it even girlfriend ran away, do really very lonely?


first started, has a keen interest in the website, she also bought the book and began to study, learning, can not learn as a master. With the rapid development of the Internet, the network resources are also very rich up. At the beginning, to find yourself in more the need for software. Then slowly found, as long as you can think of, in the network can be found. In the computer, as long as the computer is out of the question, we put the key in, can be found in the relevant information, you can solve their own problems, those who do not understand the Internet, but also think you are God? Think you are master of master, what questions to ask me, I think, if they are willing to own the Internet to check, not all are God. Two years of playing the computer, the results began to have a new idea. That is to become a master. read more

a year ago wrote an article on the operation of the forum article, entitled "six basic principles" forum to fire up, one referred to the forum needs to have a hero, today to talk about this topic and everyone. Forum hero, a simple point of understanding is the forum reds, celebrities, stars. This name can be big or small: if it’s big, it can be a circle or even a network of red people; if it’s small, it can only be a red hat in this forum. Of course, the bigger the theory, the better. read more

in the era of rapid growth of Internet penetration, links and so on, is undoubtedly one of the most common terms in the Internet industry. Most of the webmaster, regardless of the old and new owners, in the website promotion process seems to be such a thinking, that is to maximize their website publicity out is successful, and called "the chain". So, we have seen countless spam links with Internet, the result is the increasingly sophisticated users of the link prohibitive, we can see that the portal Sina, began to block Taobao by our guest link, even on Tencent QQ users publish unknown links taboo moshen. Based on this, the author attempts to put aside their own experiences, the chain from the perspective of another thinking on how to set up the exclusive personal webmaster website brand. read more

the two day, I use the net ( online banner image generation, it is more of a function, which is generated in the picture, in addition to the original "generation download pictures, save the image to the member area", "added the picture posted to the forum function, click this button I go to, the program will automatically pull Forum ( webmaster exchange Edition (portal and forum data is generic, login portal can go directly to the forum), the use of pictures generated online friends advertising is very convenient, just a key, can be realized with the fastest speed of advertising the purpose of. The launch of this function is also a platform for me to provide free publicity for my website. read more

how to change the site traffic into income is one of the webmaster’s most concern. How much is a IP value? There are three different webmasters to answer this question:

the first kind: regardless of all means, whether it is seduce, or Trojan horse, whether it is mandatory click or cheat registration, as long as you can think of the move, will be a stay up all up. Earn money with small cleverness, make money with crooked idea, long-term be enveloped in the heart of a large number of stationmaster group. read more

brand jewelry sales are now quite good. Now the market competition is fierce, the silver brand has become the market a lot of entrepreneurial choice to succeed to operate silver brand agency, should know how many business knowledge.

The success of

read more

Canada home, North America’s largest Chinese new media, as early as the PC era, created a miracle of overseas Chinese portal community. At present, Canada home, to the mobile terminal, do not rely on PR, publicity, relying on users to share, WeChat end users reached 300 thousand, micro community opened in June, visited over 16 million overseas visit micro community first.

mobile in the "troubled times", many owners are still confused, Canada Home founder of WeChat and Ferguson said, micro community is the core of Canada home mobile, the mobile micro communities have to how to do the best interpretation! In financing 30 million, Canadian homes will force WeChat, micro community commercial. As a veteran of the mobile Internet, in the operation of the mobile terminal, Ferguson experience is: we must consider carefully whether you want to do what, what to do in which specific vertical industries, the mobile terminal must not be large and small, and some beautiful things. read more

has a very nice song called "I was hit by youth". A while ago, I was also "hit" a low, just hit me is not youth, but a way to promote the site – soft Wen promotion.

recently out of love for the forum, he had made a forum for ideas, so in a pitch dark night, a thin net was born! The first station has great power and hope, I was no exception, and gather all kinds of resources, looking for landscaping code. Soon there were more than 7000 rare hunting online theme, since that can also beautify, look at the contents of a sparse net hunting day full, have promoted the idea, and began to crazy promotion around the advertising, the results as can be imagined…… read more

editor’s note: This article from the Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng delivered a speech at the meeting of the August 18th meeting of the HDCon design data, in a speech in Fu Sheng presents some views on product design, product design and expounds the relationship and design principles. For more information on this conference, see

The age of

consumption: design becomes important

many people ask, why do Kingsoft Internet browser, we were doing before, analysis of the browser market and various functional requirements, find out why the browser looks so ugly, like the legacy of antique. This leads to a thinking about the changes of the times. read more

We all know that

has invested millions of oak photography net cost of these years, but the site itself does not have what profit, may we do not know where it came from, in fact, stationmaster Hao brother has two main sources of income in support of oak photography net development, this is a huge savings before and do some other small business in recent years earnings, and as long as the oak photography website he is a genuine fruit. At the beginning of this year, listen to Hao brother said he contracted dozens of acres of orchards, but because there has been no go, now have the opportunity to see Hao brother orchard, to take this opportunity to also show oak photography net business hard journey. read more

has been on the Internet for years. The life of the Chinese webmaster (especially those who live on the Internet like me) really has its own experience.

I started chipping away in the network from 00 years later, followed by graduation friends full-time network, several do stand also in the top 10000. Through the network also made some small money, can maintain a livelihood.

but I think all the webmaster friends, like me, are definitely not satisfied. Do not make money, want to make money, earn money, want to make big money, made a lot of money, want to do more. read more

recently someone rather baffling to add my QQ, then the first message is to paste a rather baffling URL come to my site, for their "pulse", to see if there is no future. I think this is really cute way to help students! I am not a doctor, in this kind of thing really do not come ah; and I’m not what cattle B webmaster, to stand the things is very far fetched. But I don’t want to show you, and you think I don’t give you face, and pretend to be a big shot. Anyway, today’s low once summed up the problem according to my own ideas (just my personal opinion). Your love is not a condemnation, thing worth mentioning. read more

A5 ( station network December 9th news, yesterday in the A5 domain name auction, the transaction data is still mediocre, but the digital domain name style, 13 domain name transaction 8 is the number of domain names, in addition, domain name has become the domain name auction yesterday beat a small special color.

A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk, read more

before Lu Songsong in the blog on the submission of 2 articles, one of which is the "secret women station is how to earn millions" at the time of submission of this article is controversial, there will be a lot of questions. However, it is gratifying that there are many webmaster plus me, and said I read the article after understanding.

In my last article,

also promised to write out some of my experiences and methods and start on a loose blog, and there are a lot of webmasters who want to know how I do it. So today I took the time to finish it.. read more


network at the arena for many years, the successful operation of four industry website, now focus on building Chuwei industry leading website daily kitchen network. Many young friends often contact me through all kinds of relationships, honesty for secret operations experience. A lot of people to build such a platform: Blog, TAG, SNS, RSS, Wiki etc. have on the line, but the final outcome is platform empty, only the editors vest there struggling to support the surface of prosperity". "Why do we have to use our vest to activate the website every day, really tired, but no effect?"." "Why am I with a certain platform to provide the same service, they are bustling traffic, we fall." read more July 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Feng Xiaofang, Huang Quanquan) Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released on the 24 "twenty-second China Internet development report" shows that as of the end of June, the number of Internet users in China reached 253 million, more than the United States ranks first in the world.

Internet users are key elements and indicators of the development of the internet. Digital display, compared with the same period last year, China’s Internet users increased by 91 million people, is the most users in the calendar year, an increase of 56.2%. In the first half of 2008 alone, the number of Internet users in China increased by 43 million. The rapid growth of the number of Internet users in China shows that an Internet power is rising. read more