On the advantages and disadvantages of independent blog comment

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has thousands of independent blog, a trend which cannot be halted only need to register a, independent domain name, buy enough on a virtual space, you can set up their own independent blog. With the increase of independent bloggers, promote independent blog naturally became a big problem, a daily update and can not get a good ranking and search engine’s favor, so there is a comment on the promotion of independent blog. Today, Zhang Qing to talk about the pros and cons of independent blog comment promotion.

spam messages

comment on the promotion of the bloggers are keen to visit every blog blog, or to find strange blog blog, go after the message board message "to" welcome "visits" "blogger blog is very good", even more than ten words are less, this is you have just said, that a mixed IP visit, this is the second one, because there is a comment on the promotion, will have a spam message.

comments to promote more and more offensive

I have to tell you, when I was first built in the blog will also comment on the promotion, I do not deny this, but then I found a comment on the promotion of you is brought a lot of traffic to their own, but to visit your blog but not carefully read your article even for two minutes are not directly write comments "good articles", such comments make sense? So comment on the promotion of more and more disgusted. And I go to visit my blog no longer, I just fixed to several blogs I love to see the comments, there will be feeling.

blogger sincere content, you also have to reply sincerely

no don’t make any comments, bloggers write just entertainment, but also sentiment, precipitation life, you look so you read carefully, don’t look at a few words you wrote copious and fluent comments, this way is not good. To people in good faith, I think others will give you sincere. A very simple example, I look at the song when the blog article will read the message, and pine brother will look at my blog post to write a comment. I have to blog Bo so long, what surprised me most was that song brother gave me a message is the most enthusiastic, in the blog readers in the wall, pine brother has been in the first place, was not the top down, so the conclusion is, not necessarily the message and the blog more effect. Is your message seriously, will impress others, so you can visit.

comment promotion really wrong

recently I saw Lu Songsong’s mood, said to be responsible for their actions, I don’t think this is how the default in my opinion, but this way is still in the promotion of independent blog circles caused no small impact. The majority of friends have to follow this pattern, but the result is another road to success can not be copied, you can only find the method more suitable for their own success. Therefore, the promotion of comments really wrong, I wrote a blog post in front of you want to know

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