How to do tracking and extrapolation High on the extrapolated software sharing

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all the links on the network in the most difficult to extrapolate to track extrapolation situation, therefore, many people are doing how to track and advance of extrapolation. However, in fact there is a track extrapolation of simple and convenient method, many small friends are in use, in the whole industry is already well known secret.

is our forum and a lot of new to promote, so small and cheap cost and you mumble a few words, a veteran can leave can also automatically pass. 1 years ago, Xiao Bian actually and everyone else on the tracking of extrapolation of how to do it is very confused, but fortunately things small soon after the cloud network marketing claw learned from a friend in the analysis of management system, developed by a well-known domestic listed company of a station network marketing platform, it is small, no longer need to see how to track about the extrapolation.

some people may heard Xiao Bian to start selling the software to saya run, Xiao Bian recommended these acute Pro spend more a minute to know more, after all, not the final decision is that you, why rush to deny it, there are opportunities but for you? Hard to find Oh! Everyone first introduced by the cloud claw network marketing in Shanghai science and technology development in the analysis at the main function of tracking extrapolation case management system for small, cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system can quickly query keywords for the status quo, the news source competition situation, competition situation information and effective platform status, effective news source "status and competition situation, and you can try to do partners still track extrapolation.

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