Micro-blog marketing expansion of the name of the Raiders follow the example of analysis

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blog marketing to expand the name of the Raiders follow

what is micro-blog


micro-blog is the abbreviation of micro blog. It is 140 words to express and realize real-time interactive personal media mode, with the intelligent mobile phone platform matures, more and more users become loyal fans of micro-blog, written on it to express their views and opinions; the passions, the spread of news and comment; seek help and share with each other.

micro-blog is actually a very convenient personal media, since it is the media, the audience needs. Whether it is Hot Blog, personal blog and corporate blog without the audience, that he only ziyuzile, automatic speaking notepad. So the majority of the audience, is the cornerstone of a good micro-blog, micro-blog it needs a large number of active fans.

micro-blog powder method and the name of the method to follow the example

micro-blog has a lot of ways to expand the fans, here is not one out. Baidu search you can search a lot. I love Sina micro-blog network administrator, there is little love to show off, micro-blog once by Hot Blog and forwarding add examples of a lot of fans to tell you how to use Hot Blog following method to increase the fans, expand the influence of


love micro-blog (http://s.t.sina.com.cn/xin120) is the official certification of micro-blog, we have been doing everything possible to expand his audience, but with the traditional method of mutual powder due to technical limitations now Sina has little effect. Xiao Bian has been one of the best ways to practice – the name of the following law.

We still remember the PWC

female master worked to death caused a heated debate on micro-blog, at this time a small series of micro-blog, the name is: "death from overwork" 27 danger signals, as shown in figure



this article is based on a small micro-blog to do a false original, micro-blog issued soon after Sina health official micro-blog forward, and made a recommendation. Pictured:


Sina health and micro-blog is undoubtedly Hot Blog, should:


eventually this micro-blog has been forwarded nearly 700 times, while bringing a total of more than and 200 fans. The effect can be Kam!

do name Bo follow the law to pay attention to what matters?

small series of this instance to do a little promotion, called his name Bo follow method. This method can be expected in the current hot events in the period of time, specific attention to a few points:

, must make their own micro-blog has a good foundation, such as a considerable degree of activity and a lot of fans, of course, is the best official certification micro-blog (love Sina micro-blog is the official certification of micro-blog).


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