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micro marketing heat wave has subsided, should return to the essence of marketing, return to positioning, return to the content. If marketing is a campaign, then micro marketing is a commando team, commandos can not be separated from the overall force, if you do not want to force the whole team to complete the task, it is almost impossible. But if there is no commando force, the overall situation, may face deadlock, but also at a loss. In the face of such a state, the micro marketing into the rational stage, micro marketing is not a panacea, it is just a channel in marketing. In the PFPP (location, function, promotion, marketing planning) theory, it only accounted for the status of less than 1/8. If you expect a less than 1/8 status module to achieve your entire business purpose, is not able to carry the enterprise marketing. When the micro marketing failure, you put the original position less than WeChat 1/8 micro-blog, too heavy?

user experience

micro-blog is a natural marketing platform, or that the user has become accustomed to the perception that this is a marketing platform: issued a notice. Therefore, it has a clear understanding of the innate positioning – not how kind, but not offensive. In turn, WeChat users accustomed to cognitive is looking for a friend, tell friends, contact friends". Gradually due to the realization of the pressure to increase the marketing attributes, will give users a certain negative emotions – very good, but there is a feeling of being harassed. But in the end, because of the monopoly of social products on the penguin, the user is also not conducive to disgust; micro-blog jump also see the peak.

The advantages and disadvantages of


WeChat, micro-blog is two different marketing methods. Micro-blog is more inclined to the traditional hard wide, effective arrival rate is not high. But it also has the advantage, that is, with the help of hot events, can quickly spread. WeChat is biased in favor of word of mouth marketing, effective arrival rate is higher. But also have weakness, that is more closed, unable to reach the goal of advertising. Two kinds of media have their own advantages, this situation does not exist. Do PR, WeChat is more appropriate, the crowd gathered in the industry, can effectively convey the concept of enterprise. Do promotion, choose micro-blog, but must be equipped with sudden hot time, can be twice the result with half the effort.

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