Public relations is how to play dead startups worth reading!

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Abstract: in this paper, though just a PR piece, but the role of public relations most incisive interpretation. PR is a sniper gun, can be used to attack, can be used to defense, to see how you use.

this article is purely fictional public relations, do not transfer this article to your boss, executives, public relations director;

otherwise, you might end up competing for the company.

– text reads as follows –

first, entrepreneurial projects inexplicable yellow

, a young man, working hard to look good, usually on a line and, occasionally, drink wine, are also very good. Suddenly one day, bang a good grumble about business, no signs, business. It’s a pity……

young people do not know what to bring him.

he fancied a lot of financing, millions of users, the NASDAQ bell, winner in life, and so on a pile or not.

so he worked harder, busy every day after midnight, everywhere to see investors, see the media, see suppliers.

dry, suddenly one day, he found himself in the field of entrepreneurship, there is a baffling competitor.

this wonderful company will always be in a critical period of their own come up with some rather baffling things out, so that would be a smooth road of entrepreneurship has become extremely bumpy.

young people are angry.



why is this grandson always against me? If I don’t beat him, it’s hard to understand my hatred!

now is the rule of law, give him a meal to eat the lawsuit, so the young man decided to this wonderful and dignified and imposing competitors compete in the market


so the young people work harder, busy every day in the morning, the whole world to see investors, see the media, see suppliers.

a year later, the young man’s company is closed……

he depressed, he did not understand, he did not understand why he has been so hard but still failed to overcome this wonderful rival.

two, met enemy dog


so he got a bunch of gay friend drink, want to vent their anger.

in the wine on the table, where a gay friend said to him: "brother, I find someone to come and drink, this is to help the company to do public relations."

young people wondered, and asked, "what am I going to talk to a PR dog?"

bestie said: "after talking to him, You’ll see. you die is not injustice."

young man agreed.

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