Let the customer impressive is how to make soft

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said that customers impressed by the soft article is how to make the world first, refer to "how to make steel", the novel is set in the October revolution, named Paul describes · Korchagin’s young life experience, also illustrates how a person is toughened and hardened into steel. It is in the revolution in the defeat of the enemy is to overcome their difficulties and hardships, only when the pursuit of their own, powerful, people of the motherland’s interests together, will create a miracle, the time has gone, what will together will create a miracle, is estimated to have not many people believe. The world wants to say is he more than this, soft without their toughened and hardened into steel, ability, customer requirements, user needs together. Only this time, soft Wen will play the greatest value.

‘s own ability –

even could not master the soft, article one hundred. And more writers, not the lack of it is insufficient. For example, get a theme, half a day can not find an inspiration, or to find inspiration, but it is difficult to come up with a smooth train of thought…… The text of the world in a previous article "how to seize the inspiration," said a few ways, one of which is material. Where to find materials, websites, forums, blogs, space, and even micro-blog, as long as there are good ideas, can be a source of inspiration. There are mountains outside the mountains, people outside, even if the general and then the short article, there may be a flash point. In this regard, the text of the world praised Mr. Lu Xun’s doctrine". This is not mechanically, not plagiarism, but "the use of brain, release the vision, to take their own!" take the essence and discard the dross and use.

in the process, naturally, their own independent thinking. How will the best advanced ideas for their soft services, not just to write up, but with the wisdom of the organic combination of the essence of the whole article, and a seamless heavenly robe together.

writer who, all had a similar confusion, thinking, but to do that very well let the soft step a seamless heavenly robe is still difficult.

yes, thinking is on the one hand, on the other hand is practice. The world has been successful "soft writing three coup", "soft," three tricks "reasoning to love moving from heart" and other articles elaborated write good soft method, but the structure, language, style, etc., many organized elements from the writer itself, various methods and others just the seasoning.

, for example, would have been to college students regardless of family and friends of the opposition, finally got the social identity of the deeds of hard pioneer, here can college students should write enormous pressure, difficult business, personal efforts and so on, in tears interweave story too. However, writing ability is insufficient, one had ups and downs, sincere and touching story, written stiff and dry, let a person see not interested in watching it, not to mention the promotion.

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