Wang Luhong the way to promote the site in the fine and not more

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Wang Luhong from Shandong Vocational College of Economics and Business students currently based in the autumn of 2009 the network marketing ability contestant AR value ranking second, what is the reason for her from the thousands of players has emerged, and what prompted her has been ranked in the forefront. Ability to show the organizing committee with these questions linked to the Wang Luhong students, the following is the ability to network marketing show contestant interview series eight: Wang Luhong.

with the ability to show the countdown, the number of submissions, writing players blog website content and view it is not difficult to find the game has started early admission for the awards ceremony, from the Shandong Vocational College of Economics and Business, Wang Luhong is way down blazing through their own efforts rushed to the forefront, burst into the top three at present, the dynamic AR is often the top three of the Shandong Vocational College of Economics and Business players, certainly all the players are very confused, the reporter with the ability to show to the king Luhong students to uncover this mystery.

when asked about her ability to show that what is the Organizing Committee of the Shandong economic and trade have swept the top three reasons, she gave this answer:

first, Shandong Vocational College of Economics and Business in the first session of the network marketing ability show won six trophies a Internet marketing circles, this session of Shandong economic and trade the contestants is determined to outdo the one, this is a momentum is done in one vigorous effort ranked the top three of today’s dynamic AR.

second, because our school brother sister school teacher Zhen Xiaohu, and the last winning the support and help from the start of last we have before others, to get good grades is very ashamed.

third, our own efforts, the above two game is to pave the way, their own efforts is the key to the success of the game, do not work hard all empty talk.

Wang Luhong students for the game has been very hard, every day at the same time to do a good job of taking into account the game, today the ability to show the organizing committee to contact her, she is still listening to foreign language listening. She talked about their promotion methods when said: "in fact, popularized in many ways, as we all know, but to think of your success, you insist, I use is +QQ+ blog promotion forum. There are a lot of ways to promote it, and there are more than 100 kinds of lists, but if you can put a few of them thorough or skilled use, there will be a very significant effect." When she had doubts, in the course of the game is unknown or depressed, she will see other contestants blog, find the answer, in their blog to find confidence, can find encouragement from their characters feel their fighting spirit, at the same time from their paper she can always find some learn from.

Wang Luhong contest students gave advice, she thinks this contest training the students ability of practice, but some students did not seem to melt into the atmosphere of competition, competition should have a knowledge of the forum, let the students in the atmosphere.

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