The product manager of the rubbish scheme lost feel not essential

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a job not only can create value, but give others trouble, the product manager began to doubt the life, no, we must solve the problem.

personally think that the root cause of this problem is the lack of demand research. A product plan, we generally from the "value, feasibility and availability" to judge it. The same is true of early demand surveys, and we need to make sure that the proposed program is valuable, processes and interactions are available, and the cost of development.


said value

is a valuable thing, the key to see two points. First, there is no grasp the core of the user pain points, two is better than other solutions on the market. Procedures to resist demand, do not want to increase the workload is on the one hand, the core problem is actually your program he thinks no value. One thing is considered to have no value, one is because you do not say clearly, two is because it really does not have value. While most of the value is almost self-evident, so when a program is difficult to promote, communication is the one hand, it is more important to think about whether you have to solve the problem. This is the value of the importance of research, and specific research methods, not in the scope of this article.

then availability

The word "

" is commonly found in the experience of large companies, and small companies are hardly considered. But usability is a matter of experience, and small companies should think about how to validate usability in a simpler way, even if it’s just a small internal test. Take the car products for example, a lot of people think through voice rather than complex operations interact is obviously method, but indulge in the design details and various abstract problems in product manager not personally opened the car, probably can’t pay attention to the core usability problems (Hong Kong, for online. Many usability problems in the actual situation, it has verified the attributes of the product manager, idiot) do the most simple DEMO, to simulate the actual use of the scene, many of you do not pay attention to but crucial details suddenly click into place.

finally said feasibility

distinguishes between the new scheme and the iterative scheme, especially the iterative scheme, which not only takes into account the cost of implementation, but also considers the adaptation of the old architecture. Many product managers because of the logic of the code is not clear, will damage effects of many to the old structure of the program, resulting in the same iteration function, different people proposed different underlying logic, procedures need to be rewritten over and over again. Get a courier also have to change underwear, rely on, do not change clothes.

with the three, every time before the program, the product manager should have a heart at the end of the 10 day plan, 5 days should be in the investigation, any a negligence, will be in the days after promote the implementation and practical on-line after receiving a greater reward.

said, not chaos, but to create the value of the product.

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