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this year, the opening is a trend in the industry, a trend is the industry bigwigs showed, rational utilization of all kinds of open platform is already used, to promote their own website or product, will play a very big role. Tencent, as one of the Internet gangster, has said that its product line will be fully open cooperation, of course, the product line opening degree related to its core interests regardless of, just look at the open platform QQ mailbox, really good.

QQ mailbox is currently open six services, which are: mail me, e-mail sharing, mailing list, his domain interoperability, access subscription, report feedback. Here will detail how it is used for personal webmaster or company website.

a, mail me

is mainly used to generate a "write to me" shortcut on the web site, simply as a feedback mailbox, users can click on the shortcut to quickly reply and feedback to you. This method can also be avoided by e-mail software collection address.


two, email sharing

as the name suggests, this is a sharing function, the main role is: to share it by clicking on this button, you will be interested in the content to share with friends via email.


three, mailing list


mailing list which is to say the mail subscription function, users need to subscribe to fill in the email address through the entrance, then the website will write good content information regularly sent by mail to the subscribers. This feature is very useful for small and medium sites, you can easily manage the site’s loyal users and interact with the content. And all this, QQ can help you complete the free mailbox, including batch service is free from.


four, his domain interoperability

He is a

domain exchange service for his domain mail administrator, mainly can be used to reach the statistical data from the mailbox, the success rate, as well as the user’s reading, complaints and other data, through this function we can more clearly understand the effect of email marketing.


five, access subscription

this is a very powerful and practical functions, you can free access to their content to QQ mailbox sharing platform by subscribing to the open platform, if your website to provide quality content, can be very convenient to obtain a stable and high quality of the user in the QQ mail subscription platform. At present, many well-known blog, such as moonlight, Lu Songsong and other blogs have opened this service. For the promotion of website brand and traffic is very practical.

if we need subscriptions

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