Change from the wide net to promote targeted type

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here do not talk about the content, to tell you a story. Do webmaster before, I was working in the talent market, talent market will generally hold regular recruitment, recruitment will be held is not to say that all enterprises have their own initiative to come, so we need to call in the past when we ask, everyone has a region of the vast majority of enterprises telephone number. We honestly started a "not to mind taking the trouble of telephone marketing". But this form is little effect, can have a will come to be regarded as a good 100 phone, but there is a girl but one day also can not play more than a dozen telephone, but her business volume is very alarming, basically can reach about 50%, that is to say two the telephone can make an enterprise to participate in the recruitment. Later found before she was on the phone from the Internet and newspapers has collected a list of currently recruiting companies, people are desperate, you call me a fair, of course people are willing to.

told the story, just think of a valuable role, to show the current situation is to cast a wide net type of promotion has been more and more visitors and website owners feel criticized. Most people think I such a large amount of what can hit a few, but now the technology is becoming more and more developed, you may now send a large number of repetitive promotion in a few minutes or even a few seconds the system will be shielded or deleted by the administrator. So how can we do to promote? That the individual can by the following methods:

1, rob floor

this method generally appear in many celebrity blog or micro-blog, but at present there are a lot of "occupation grab floor", they rob building what? Advertisement! Because the celebrity blog generally is very huge traffic, can grab the sofa, bench or floor then in broad netizen exposure in appearance the rate is very high, so the advertising effect is very obvious.

but for us to find the first object to grab the floor, to have this object conditions are: (1), must be a good development, access to a huge amount of Web site or forum; (2), must be linked to your site. In my case, I built a Shaoxing tourism network delicacy: a pig, and I want to rob building is our Shaoxing forum E famous local and Hangzhou 19 floor, rob building also has a knack for ordinary people, ordinary post habits are as follows: (1), 11 a.m. 12 p.m.: these people to post what the character is all ready, but if you do not go out at night can’t sleep, because the time so I will need to sort out at this time. (2), 8 to 9 o’clock in the morning, these people belong to the workers, and work free, rich and colorful life, so if such people conscientiously sum up after posting the general quality is high, they will post at this time because they take post when doing some of the work. (3) at about 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., such groups are professional workers,

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