Use of the long tail of the flow of the collection of your station can also be successful small

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we all know now the network station, can really be innumerable, the station also is that we are familiar with the daily, but they are generally not our personal station can compete directly, then we will survive the station? How to do


do not know how many people understand the long tail theory, I believe you read the complex theory, no one interested.

actually understand is very simple, with books as an example, based on the long tail theory, when the production and the dissemination cost decline, as long as the channel is large enough, the total amount of the best-selling book total sales of non mainstream, small demand books can also and mainstream, big demand that rivals.

this is like your website, although it is small, non mainstream, you can not expect everyone long time back and forth to access it, but as long as your marginal costs in the lower, when very low, if the communication channel is wide enough, wide to a certain extent, even if everyone only access it second, the customer more, his flow can reach large, even more than some of the mainstream station.

how to use the long tail theory? Google is one of the most typical "long tail" company, Google is currently half of the business from these small sites rather than the search results placed in advertising. Millions of small and medium enterprises represent a huge long tail advertising market. How long can the long tail, I am afraid that no one can predict.

We can use the

station is also the long tail effect. Your station has added some oriented nature of the union, Bibi cattle list is specifically for this, although everyone is small, but it can bring you a few loyal customers and a large number of marginal users, when it is the station to bring more users, a small station in turn will promote it, it the user will also visit other station, so that traffic network is formed in the internal circulation, the effect will be magnified several times, eventually the long tail can how long, I’m afraid no one can predict.

At present,   is in the expansion phase, invite you to join, let trickle, river, we believe that joint efforts will end the long tail effect of the 28 law, specific arrangements can see webmaster online a post thread-279170-1-1.html

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