Use QQ2009 to paste ads on a friend

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April 17th, Tencent released has great strategic significance to the official version of QQ2009, which got hundreds of Innovative Patent meter, invested tens of thousands of people R & D team, after hundreds of thousands of millions of users and hundreds of research one hundred thousand times test, is so far the longest in the history of the Internet China the largest and the longest period of development of products. But the software launched a few days. Did not expect to have been a number of people to promote rape, please see the screenshot below:


haha. I don’t see anything new. This is not the signature of QQ well, I do not know, this is a QQ2009 version of the official version of the "Friends of the impression" SNS function, this content is not written by the owner of the QQ, but by his friends to add

!This is not

, the man who had been stuck on a small advertising website, but don’t underestimate the power of this well, if you think about it, you will all your friends are stuck on your ad, if you have 500 friends (on-line QQ ordinary friends), if every your good friends and have 500 friends, then, your ad will be 500*500=250000 chat to see. Ha-ha。。 250 thousand people! If you are 1000 friends fill if members of QQ. It will be 500 thousand and even higher!

If you give me

, some friends write directly in the evaluation: " your naked picture in exposed ", believe people’s curiosity can bring more violent traffic! Ha ha, if so, be careful, QQ friends you baobian or brawl oh.

ads are everywhere, as long as you want, get in by every opening, advertising can even play to each netizen’s nose! Welcome each advertising Master Paizhuan, QQ:6657294

, welcomed the exchange!

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