From the Sina micro-blog marketing events on occasion marketing ambiguity

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is the so-called marketing occasion, taking advantage of the sales marketing is hidden in the marketing activities of purpose, product promotion into a popular consumer environment, make consumers understand and accept the product marketing products means in this environment. Specific performance for consumers through the media for the eye, with the consumer’s own communication, relying on easy entertainment and other ways to guide the market.


micro-blog marketing is tantamount to ground marketing, most of the marketing tools can be extended on micro-blog play. Micro-blog has the characteristics of micro-blog, if you make good use of the characteristics between them, marketing is more likely to succeed. So, micro-blog on occasion marketing also has its own characteristics, put aside the marketing is, we summarize the characteristics of.

by selling products to promote

if you are concerned about the activities of micro-blog, you should find. In addition to the company’s own products, the most appear is IPHONE, IPAD. Why do you choose this, more valuable than it actually is?. This is also an occasion to borrow, is selling products within this period of time, the popularity of borrow is omnipresent advertising, borrow is media endless touted. The only way to let people for having heard it many times, but most people can’t have things, is suitable as a bet. And in this event, the same is true.

by the atmosphere of the wind


marketing is the largest festival, most network operators will take advantage of the festival atmosphere to put up a pageantry activities. Let consumers think that this is a rare opportunity, only this special holiday. Usually can not find a reason to do activities, has become the groundwork for the preparation of activities. Usually high prices, to the festival price. Some products even show that the festival activities together with the sales of more than a year of non active sales. The marketing event, it is the Olympic wind. There is no doubt that through the love of sports, patriotic enthusiasm to do activities, is a wise, but also a way to compare the bottom line. The ambiguity of the hidden, more people cast aside.

easy to participate in, easy to operate

This is an important characteristic of

in China, almost all activities, to allow participants to save. For micro-blog, there is no need for other, are generally concerned about the requirements, reproduced, @ people. Other tedious operations are generally difficult to succeed, because micro-blog marketing is a pass ten, ten pass 100 way. If you kill the transmission rate with the difficulty of operation, then the spread will be less and less, and finally stopped automatically. The most characteristic is @ your friends, although you update your friends will see micro-blog, and if you are @ to, your interest must be greatly improved. Friends recommend to you with the official made a great difference.

aims to accumulate user

hammer trading is not suitable for this era. Accumulation of users is king

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