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the United States recently had a matchmaking site sweetheart about arrangement (seeking) fire up, it is said to be on the Chinese version of the. This site is the main stem what? A Chinese can understand the word, is called "seeking maintenance" – in the "sweetheart" (sugar baby) female college students and the "golden master" (sugar daddy) between the strings.

like dating sites, the "golden master" on the website registration information, including: age, gender, occupation, willing to pay monthly remuneration; female students have the nickname "sweetheart" the registration information, including: age, University, professional, willing to accept the compensation range, can provide the company type and time and time. Compared to dating dating, this site is much higher than the efficiency, because the "honey baby" and "King" of the matching point is only one: willing to pay and willing to accept the "remuneration".

so, compared to it as a "matchmaking" dark identity, "sweetheart about" the development of such a fast, it is not surprising.

The 2006

website has been established, the naked "seeking nurturing sites have come from 139 countries and 4 million 500 thousand active members, but the proportion imbalance: roughly 3 million 300 thousand" sweetheart "corresponding to the 1 million 200 thousand" golden master". Dry water after the data is to show that the success of the "honey baby" and "gold master" ratio is about 10:1.

so, the world’s moral guardians "enemies" of the "pimp" website is how profitable? Of course with the "golden master" and "matchmaking fee to subscribe to fee", and "a little, it is to Robbers also have their paths" for keeping the "sweetheart" is completely free of charge.

a ripple, the American people will naturally filled with righteous indignation opened a fig leaf for a look, what college female students are not so ugly, self-esteem, self love, lying on the soft cotton candy stretch limbs! Let them the glasses broken in one place is not what these girls also from grouse. Look at this latest list of 2015:

first place: University of Texas (famous brand!)

second: Arizona State University (the leader of public universities ah!)

third: New York University (Wow!)


tenth: University of California at Los Angeles (lie groove!)

eleventh: University of California (all caught, unexpected!)

According to the

website, in order to match the high requirements of these elite talented women, "golden master" wallet must also deep ah (deep pocket). Please see the information: 40% of the gold master for married men, the average age of 39 years, with an average income of $200 thousand. >

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