After graduating in January into a multimillionaire its company only recruit college students

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Guangzhou "90" students Langsheng


Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Liang, correspondent Lu Luming, Zhang Yinting reports: Guangzhou "90" students Lei Langsheng didn’t graduate, over a month, the rate of the mobile phone software development team is the Tencent to 60 million yuan price of the acquisition of a wholly-owned mine, with the fastest speed to become millionaires "". After the rapid possession of wealth, he bought a set of the best house in Shixing county to their parents, but they still have no room no car of the simple color. This year, when the company in the recruitment of new employees, part of the post marked only recruit college students, reflecting its hero Mo asked the source of the concept of employment.

Tencent to 60 million yuan to acquire its company

ray Langsheng is a 90 college students, in September 2009, he attended the Guangdong AIB Polytechnic College games, this is the school in the new professional. During college, Lei Langsheng interested in mobile phone software, often use their spare time to copy the mobile phone desktop, browse the latest dynamic technology. Mobile phone forum to send him in the post evaluation, has been named the top Pacific essence. Lei Langsheng in the school’s social circle is small, but it has many resources on the Internet, he met members of the entrepreneurial team through the internet. Sophomore, he was determined to do UI design after graduation (referring to the man-machine interaction of software, operating logic, beautiful interface design).

in the summer of 2011, Lei Langsheng met online after 80 and several friends came to Shenzhen, rented a small house never saw the light of day, a team of 6 people, the mobile phone software development tour start. Langsheng Lei said: "during that time, the scope of our activities is less than 500 meters, sometimes for more than and 30 hours of overtime." Sophomore summer has not yet finished, the team’s first product, brush wizard, the first version of the official on-line test. That night, 6 people in the room near the barbecue stalls drunk and depressed mood release into tears.

soon, Lei Langsheng team get 1 million angel investment fund. In mid August 2011, the team incorporated Technology Co., Ltd., one of the members of the network called "bottle", so they named the company "Shenzhen Bottle Technology Co., ltd.". With the end of the year, Lei Langsheng team received a $18 million investment in shares. In 2012, Baidu, Shanda, Tencent and other Internet giants began to get involved in the brush industry, the size of other competitors have emerged, in the face of great pressure of industry competition, the team to accelerate product update iteration, continue to maintain the leading position in the industry, won the domestic Internet giant’s favor and attention.

August 2012, is Langsheng Lei didn’t graduate to a month, the Tencent CEO personally, to 60 million yuan acquisition of a wholly-owned company Langsheng lei. Each member of the team has been rewarded, Lei Langsheng said, no one would think of a >

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