How to quickly promote the site navigation station

by admin

one, share my "navigation station" source code

here to declare, I was completely free to everyone. Web site is someone else’s program, I spent a few weeks to modify the template, is the imitation of 369. I asked a few webmaster friends before, feel good, I went to a number of source code, download the station released for everyone to download. I keep my own web site links on the web site is good: increase the chain, you can quickly improve the site rankings and traffic.

two, free information included in the

in some Adsense portal, such as: behind, Admin5 and station, released a free web site included the webmaster, let each application included in the site, must bring their own "navigation station" before the audit.

three, and the software download station owners

through the webmaster portal platform, I found a couple of traffic better download stations, conducted monthly cooperation with them, and put me in the navigation station software bundled with them.

four, buy entertainment station traffic

I was looking for entertainment, movie station, the game site cooperation: 1, in the open web site automatically pop up the window to ask whether or not to set up a home page. This effect is good, and the cost is not high. 2, the purchase of its high quality advertising, I generally buy the top ad, because the click rate is the highest, so it is the best.

five, with the computer city cooperation, set the home page

contact the computer city friends, my navigation station to the browser settings as my home page, note: not mandatory lock home. So the user’s paste is relatively high, you can ensure that my navigation station PV high.

six, Forum promotion coup

domestic government forum for the first choice. Why should the government choose the forum? Because the government has no other forum forum so strict control, of course AD is too obvious, will also be banned. Nonsense not say, the following topic: first into the fertilizer user name into their own web site, such as: Personal avatar to change, here can be changed into their own stand LOGO, so that the benefits of easy access to remember your site. The last is to add personal signature, to do a good job in the early post work, best can grab people on the sofa.

is a combination of the above promotion for my webmaster friends promotion experience, to share with you, hope to help! The business together Adsense original copyright, please indicate! Thank you


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