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2016 is a challenging year for many companies that rely on the internet. Both want to profit through the network marketing channels, and

dare to budget and the cost of investment in the network advertising aimlessly, but there is no promotion of the enterprise and it is difficult to go out. How to enhance the enterprise brand influence and actual profit through the network channels, is becoming a problem for many enterprises. Today, we have the honor of the science and technology and pigeons pigeons CEO: Mr. Zhu Hongjie, on how to do well in today’s network marketing SEM and SEO channels, a number of exchanges.

in late May this year, Baidu search policy adjustments, combined with the status quo of enterprise network marketing, pigeon pigeon technology CEO wish to give the following


1, the lack of overall understanding of network marketing

a lot of enterprises network marketing awareness is still based on the website construction, and have a deep understanding and long-term planning of network marketing, the network promotion way is poorly understood, and therefore has a good network marketing compared with the operation system of the enterprise, in the starting line behind a big slice.

2, lack of network marketing experience

for many companies, network marketing is still a strange field. Many companies are feeling the stones in time to carry out network marketing, step by step, not a mature marketing system, most stay in a stage, often to finally put too much, too little return on network marketing is not suitable for their own wrong conclusions.

3, the lack of professional network marketing team

The development of

network marketing in a fast pace, but the history is very short, in many ways, is still in the initial stage, and have not formed a mature system, many network marketing personnel are self-taught, so this kind of talent is very small, it is difficult to meet the current development needs. The lack of network marketing personnel seriously hindered the development of enterprise network marketing.

4, lack of collaboration within the enterprise

although many companies set up network marketing department, but the location is not very clear, the network marketing involves every aspect of the company, need close collaboration with various departments, such as business department, product department, technical department, marketing department. Many companies define the network marketing staff as technical staff, give them the power is very limited, resulting in network marketing plan is difficult to implement.

According to

data show that in Internet users, 87% of Internet users will use search engines to find the required information service, which has nearly 70% of the search will search directly on the first page of the natural ranking search results of the information they need, therefore, SEM and SEO of enterprises in the status of optimization, as can be imagined to reach a target in the internet.

and the impact of the adjustment of the industry to the Baidu geometry, I wish

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