February 200 buy site to do online shopping in the next quarter nearly a thousand will transition

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independent group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in February this year than last month growth of 8.1% group purchase transactions, amounted to 1 billion 460 million yuan, the market showed signs of recovery, but also pointed out that within a month at least 200 group purchase website to abandon local service complete transformation of online shopping platform. Analysts believe that the future of the group will not only continue to reduce the number of quarters in the future, the transition pressure will increase.

market rebound still nanzu transformation

following the total sales decline of 14.6% group purchase market in January fell to 1 billion 350 million yuan, in February the national turnover rose to 1 billion 460 million yuan, an increase of 8.1%, representing an increase of 225%, while the purchase number decreased 5% compared to January, to about 33 million 210 thousand people.


had the traditional off-season group purchase of electronic commerce, the market gradually improved, but the group 800 data show that the group purchase industry is still in the continuous "downsizing" stage, in February the number of group purchase website last month, a net decrease of 164 only 3626, compared to September last year, the scale of the 5058 largest group purchase website has shrunk by 28.3%.

it is worth noting that 800 of the group’s monitoring of the operation of the site of the 400 monitoring found that nearly half of the local service class has been given up to buy the kind of physical class. Analysis pointed out that the number of websites to buy life service class market will continue to increase, is expected in the next quarter there will be nearly a thousand buy site is facing the test of closure or transformation.

This group of 800

, co-founder Hu Chen believes that the capacity from the market, the two thousand or three thousand group purchase website is still somewhat redundant, such "slimming swelling can be seen as the industry’s own The new supersedes the old.

transformation or adhere to the dilemma facing

even if you buy the site through the transformation of survival, but I do not know to give up the local service group means more difficulties encountered. The reporter learned that, although the same is the sale of physical products, but the transformation of the group purchase website and B2C website there are differences in the model, most group purchase sites do not have ability of logistics warehousing, only users purchase orders to the merchant directly express delivery, this model will face the risk of commodity quality audit is not controllable.

at the same time, according to informed sources, the majority of listed companies choose to change the site to save money, and will not conduct qualification audits of all manufacturers and sales of products.

and still insist on doing local service buy site, but also face difficulties. Reporters found that the current part of the local service class buy site is quietly changing from the initial discount discount products to sell coupons. In this regard, the industry said, in fact, some businesses also hope that through this approach to upgrade buy service, which is the inevitable trend of the development of the industry competition. However, the coupons are "ready to buy" and "suck" discounts let fear consumers’ willingness to buy is shrinking.

market increasingly highlights


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