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no star appeal, ordinary personal blog to pursue high traffic is not easy.

? The story of the last two "grassroots" bloggers is particularly interesting. A "life and marketing blog", which has already started to advertise itself through the purchase of search engines. However, the reporter learned from the Sogou website, such as Zhu devoted to the blog and spend money on search engine advertising is still less and less. Another blogger Mr. Yuan is more generous, boasted to spend 5 million yuan popular blog.

holding red blog · case

? Heavily for the blog burst red

? Let’s start with Mr. Zhu, who built this blog at the beginning of this year, and has just been able to stay at the level of more than 1000 times on the first line. Since March, he began to spend money to do after the promotion of Sogou, because he felt the cost of investment is also more economical, just a few months time, the amount of his personal blog on the growth of nearly 50 thousand visitors. Compared with many blogs in the ocean lost in the little-known grassroots blog, even if his performance is quite good. Mr. Zhu said, boss Ma Huateng once said, "as long as the person, can certainly create income, blog too," Mr Zhu thinks that the process of personal blog promotion also can use some network marketing skills.

? And Mr. Yuan is the country is divided into six regions, the Beijing and other large and medium-sized cities in the Internet cafes set up a desktop computer to write his blog address photos, and the browser’s home page is set to its blog address. According to reports, at present, he has more than 2 thousand hands with various websites and Internet cafes cooperation contracts, cooperation in amounts ranging from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of yuan, his goal is to spend 5 million yuan!


? Red blog · measures

? Search engines do free promotion

?? according to the reporter, in addition to money initiative delivery and keyword advertising, and Internet cafes, in fact there are many personal blogs do free promotion in the use of search engines, the initiative is to Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Sina, a NetEase, search dogs and other major search engine website registration, make your website his blog, which is convenient to be retrieved. At present, a large part of a lot of blog traffic is taken by the search engine.

? For the promotion of their own blog invested heavily in practice, friends, Ping Ping told reporters that because of economic reasons will not follow suit, but he did not need to promote the business blog. Friends wind speed, said he did not want to advertise to wrap the blog, if the money, may want to buy a house, but also mortgage, but you can understand the way other people spend money to drive traffic.


? Hold red blog · observe

? Blog popular path know how much

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