A recent review of grassroots hotspot information (8.1-8.20)

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The country’s first tax evasion case of website transactions sparked controversy
    recently, the country’s first personal use of the B2C website transaction tax evasion case of the first instance verdict the defendant tax evasion, triggering an online transaction tax dispute. One view is that online transactions should also be included in the scope of the tax, or online transactions will become tax havens.

google Adsense check provinces to report activities

google Adsense July check issued in the road, the provinces of the brothers are eagerly hope etc.. This site in -4 August 1st, held a prize event. The first friend who has received the post office check from the provinces, please immediately send your check photos in the province.

Admin5 total station banner position free large gift activities  


a unknown to the public university students in the help of friends and lovers, become China portal website webmaster story!

net pain, remember the webmaster!

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