From the mouth of Tencent snatch machine YY is how to make money

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before Li Xueling, there are few China entrepreneurs from the Tencent’s mouth is crazy enough to want to snatch im this dish delicious, even as early as 6 years ago. At that time, Tencent’s instant messaging tool QQ registered users has more than 700 million monthly active accounts also more than 300 million. And play the game network game information portal was founded by Li Xueling was three years old, only millions of registered users, but he has decided to venture in the Tencent industry giant backyard dug a hole.

"we have tried to do some of their games, but found to continued success, the game company must be in the planning, development, operation and other aspects are first-class, our genes are more suitable for products and services, the more I love ten years to make a product, and constantly improve it." When asked why he did not follow the path of independent development of the game to go in 2005 actually play the game network founded by Tencent, was formally set in the gaming market — if he is determined to explain.

he aimed to make him ten years to do a product, the product is the voice instant messaging products YY. Depending on the operation of popular multiplayer online role-playing game "World of Warcraft" community started to play the game network, from the beginning seems to be more focused than similar website user experience, this let Li Xueling see a piece of user demand has not yet been excavated gold, which can provide a better gaming experience for the user tools.

but here is not a piece of virgin land, the Tencent has been extended to here, it has provided a voice chat over the product QQTalk, but Li Xueling believes that QQTalk does not meet the needs of users, the communication process is not smooth, but it appears some advance, when most users are not formed a strong voice chat with demand, this demand is emerging with the popular "World of Warcraft". Li Xueling, who has been working in the game community, will not miss such an opportunity.

actually, the Tencent soon on the market in the eyes of it neither painful nor itching lost interest, like most big market in the face of similar instinct. In 2008, a few months before the official release of YY voice, Tencent has announced the suspension of the use of QQTalk, and this stop is more than two years.

when it is in the second half of 2010 when you wake up, YY voice has exceeded 100 million registered users, more than 5 million users online at the same time, the Tencent became Chinese’s largest gaming company at the same time, YY has become the largest China voice client game voice chat tool, the successful penetration of the Tencent’s game users. At the same time, YY has become the darling of the capital market, has won a total of three Morningside, GGV and other institutions, more than 20 million dollars of investment, the tiger fund $75 million investment also has entered the final stage of negotiations.

: "we are quick to attack, put all our money into technology and broadband, to ensure that our user experience is far more than all similar products." Li Xue

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