The essay – Moon send Acacia Trinidad

by admin

      trance, hear my wife say: "my child, I want my dinosaur dinosaur……" A clever, suddenly waking, found the huge bed with my wife and I, and our little son of dinosaurs and my mother, already at noon on the train to the west.


      the night out of the window, such as mist, moonlight as mercury spilled in a shed, open the window, let the wind swept the whole house of midnight, the moon, the sky I do not know at this time, dinosaurs and grandma is on the train to sleep; I do not know at this time, they knew me and the wife is how miss them. The moon Trinidad Acacia, acacia is how cruel. Looking back, his wife is still around say unceasingly, gently walked over to sit to the bedside, embrace the sleeping wife in my arms, gently pat his back, slowly coax wife complex into sleep. Maybe she will, in the dream and dinosaurs together. His wife gently wiped my tears and kisses his wife. Looked over at the house, feeling everywhere grandma and dinosaur figure; listen, fine wind Chuantang and off the sound, like dinosaurs before lie in the ear whisper. Perhaps this is the so-called phantom auditory illusion, people daxitaibei, everywhere for the magic, not really.


      look at the time, think about the train at 4 midnight, probably should have been entered in the boundary of Gansu. 2 years, to come and go, come and go.



        on this road Hohhot to Lanzhou, this back and forth, the old grandmother, dinosaurs grew up, our website and also a little to take root, began to show its vitality.

      do not know from which book to see, life, is to pay off the debt. I used to think Rendingshengtian, now sitting alone in the dark night, carefully taste the mother and son in Hohhot Holt’s 40 day, bit by bit, more sentimental.


      from birth, I began to owe their parents, especially mothers, there is no help for the elderly under the condition of my hard to pull so big, from bedwetting babies to Cao Cao boy, and then to today will use the pen to describe their feelings. All of this process, the hard work, until my own father, saw his wife with his son hard, suddenly if you realize, but I can be realized, and the original mother pay, which is more than one hundred and eight thousand in the poor?


      mother has the obligation to raise children, but Fu >

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