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1.12306 booking website system twice paralyzed

within three days

sina science and technology news on December 26th morning news, the Ministry of Railways announced this morning that, due to the room air conditioning system failure, 12306 booking website will suspend Internet ticketing service, the recovery time is uncertain. Three days, the 12306 sites have twice appeared paralyzed.


12306 booking website system twice paralyzed

within three days

2 last year, the global Internet users grew by 8% to 2 billion 300 million in China ranked first in the 513 million row


technology news (Chao Hui) December 26th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, research firm BackgroundCheck.org data show that in Philippines, India and other Asian countries, driven by the global number of Internet users grew by 8% last year.

in 2011 the total number of Internet users was 2 billion 300 million, of which China was $513 million, the United States was the second, followed by India (121 million), Indonesia, Russia, Iran and Turkey ().

last year, about 1 billion 100 million of global 3G users, the largest number of users in the United States, Japan, China, South Korea and Italy. International Telecommunications Union (hereinafter referred to as ITU) data show that last year the number of global mobile phone connection was 6 billion. ITU said in October that a large number of mobile phone users in developing countries. Last year, in the user’s mobile devices, smart phones about 953 million.

3 of the electricity supplier will meet next year have a ready pen situation: part of the enterprise or the listed

2013, the electricity supplier will usher in the situation have a ready pen. On the one hand, melee after the pattern of the electricity supplier industry oligopoly gradually clear, gradually; on the other hand, large commercial enterprises will look back upon itself from competitors, the development of the mobile terminal, relates to the financial sector, the layout of the ecological system.

at the same time, the electricity supplier industry began to appear profitable signal, group purchase industry announced the first full net profit of 1 yuan. After that, Taobao double 12 began to try to model innovation, dilute the price factor, to promote the transformation of the transition to share. At the same time, the large B2C in the case of financing difficulties, but also to explore the diversification of diversified business profitable channels, is expected next year, some of the electricity supplier companies will be listed.


business will meet next year situation: some enterprises have a ready pen or listing


4 New Year Spring Festival will be attracted to large business false promotion

December 25 Xinhua (reporter Jiang Guocheng) according to the national development and Reform Commission on 25 2013, during the new year and Spring Festival promotional activities, the price departments at all levels will focus on large-scale e-commerce operators, serious check.

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