SOSO Alliance on the line to open the application of major advertising alliance for Adsense resource

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     station network August 12th news, according to the owners of previously broke the news, rumors have been completed the preparatory work of the Tencent soso advertising alliance, is now on-line and open for registration. I open the soso alliance landing page (, found that the registration has been open to open, the current individual owners can apply to the soso through the application of e-mail and audit approach.


below for reference:

Soso alliance application steps:

1, mail application

site owners need to site URL, total traffic, the total number of independent visitors and contact information sent to [email protected]

2, the two sides negotiate

According to the standard of

search alliance cooperation application to join the site selection, professional customer consultant will contact through the selection of the site.

3, signing agreement

client advisor and website owners to cooperate on matters of mutual agreement, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement.

4, open system

search alliance membership open system account, member login system access code to start delivery, and through the monitoring report data on the effect.

At present, the domestic advertising market

the top three are the Google AdSense, Baidu Union, Taobao alliance, although Google out of the exit from the storm, the curve return to the domestic market, but its business is not much affected by the small. A quarter of Baidu’s market share by 58.4% rise to the current 64%, while Google’s market share fell from 35.6% in the previous quarter to 31% in the quarter. Baidu’s dominance of the domestic situation is growing, the share of its Baidu alliance will further improve. SOSO Tencent relying on the huge user base, search engine technology and are independent research and development, has become the third largest search engine in China, its market prospects should not be overlooked, and the launch of advertising alliance, Google price continues to decline, Baidu alliance artificial intervention in too many cases, is expected to draw individual owners, to promote the healthy development of advertising industry and competition.

since 2010, after the network remediation, the real name system and photo filing and other new deal gradually implemented, individual owners after a reshuffle, gradually realized the importance of the transformation and upgrading. Although the current personal industry downturn, but its huge group base and innovation has not disappeared, in the new round of economic growth in the Internet, personal Adsense will face new opportunities. The major advertising alliance for personal Adsense resources also intensified competition, but there is always >

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