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renamed China ( January 26th hearing, Zhao qiansun Li, Zhou Wu Zheng Wang, has a long history China surnames, every family name has a story, we explore the secret behind the name and surname are in their own way to tell us the value of it. For example, in "," Liu Yao "" surname surname headed in the domain name domain name on the market, with a high price transactions to prove their status.


figure: part of the domain name transaction

domain name is not cheap high priced transactions continue

name domain name has much sought after, the data speak, "Yao" Hangwei chiefs to millions of dollars in price in the bag, "Zhu, Zhu to 7 figures in less than half a month’s time, two main" car " price reached 10 million yuan, the the domain name is CN million yuan price change," cattle "," bell "," Yin " name trading price are also reached the 7 digit level.

in addition, at the beginning of last year’s landing phase, hundreds of domain name CN appeared, attracted students and even their minon terminal competition, high node shot continuously. For example, "Ai" surname photographed 816 thousand yuan, 600 thousand yuan package domain by a P2P terminal shoot, "Tao" is the 360 Education Group prices down to 570 thousand yuan, "Dai,", "Guo", "Xie" are the 6 digit price shoot node.

In addition to

in the domestic domain trading market, foreign auction platform, often see these surnames domain name figure, many domestic investors to the beloved name domain name, will also chase sights overseas, many overseas to participate in the auction platform.

Liu, Liu surname " overseas knot making price reached $155688, about 940 thousand yuan, is the NameJet platform in 2014 auction of the most expensive domain name," Xiao "," Liao "," Peng " also were $100 thousand, $97857 and $80 thousand the price of node shoot, converted into Renminbi in more than 500 thousand yuan.

domain name investors are so interested in the domain name surname, surname meaning the reason the name contained in the domain name, and is well known, and its name more than this one meaning, broad meaning and suitable for multiple fields, the considerable range station. Plus, as a single spelling of the domain name, concise and easy to remember, enabling the station is extremely easy to promote the terminal.

domain name is very popular terminal favored with


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