Flow, Alexa ranking, income, so just get it

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Title: traffic, Alexa rankings, income, so just get

the title of the article is arbitrary, perhaps the expression is not clear, but this article written in this way, there is a certain reference value.

promotion effect:

1, Alexa ranking, see change curve: http://s.info.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details? Url=6655.com%2F
2 5000ip

promotion: http://s.6655.com/subject/gps/

promotion: halo! Satellite positioning! Can track the phone number of others in which city location! Http://s.6655.com/subject/gps/

promotion: promotion, promotion of classified offbeat tricky

promotion process details:

the promotion of creativity, is a foreigner to do, read his Alexa Rankings, has quickly climbed from 0 to thousands of. His strong point is that he made 10 language versions of the page, it seems to be a veteran of the promotion.

because of his flash resources are not encrypted, and, he limited the flash page where the referer, so he can only decompile his flash, get rid of the link and the source of the page restrictions.

get rid of his page, then put it on the top of the 6655 site, spent about 30 minutes. The promotion of words, is sent to MSN and QQ above the friend (also sent to a QQ group), said to them finished, we will be caught up to my wife, GPS position, PHS also support TM. About 10 people. They see the first feedback, basically laughed, and they said to tricky about others.

effect, this really tricky has a knock on effect, the day 16 points about promotion after a day to about 2400ip, second days 5000ip.

because it is curious and the promotion of this study, so the assassin did not really push, otherwise, I believe that the same as the foreigner, a terrorist effect.

promotion methods for more, the assassin wrote before making money online "sunflower", not seen friends can see it again, but the assassin will once again remind some promotion methods is " immoral ", only understand it, do not recommend. Assassin’s personal website: www.cike.cn, welcome advice.

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