Sina confirmed on the 12 day of the development prospects of online shopping platform dispute

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users comments on the upcoming Sina group website

July 8th news, Sina relevant responsible person said, Sina group platform will be formally launched on July 12th, there are users to receive information on Sina life channel sent to buy the upcoming online.

according to sources close to Sina, in July 12th on the line to buy Sina channel, will be responsible for the operation of the Ministry of industry, sina.


is not for the upcoming on-line Sina group purchase all the people are optimistic about the 8844, one of the founders of the Li Molin ( pointed out that sina group purchase is by poor life industry department (department store, life channel), if Sina group purchase like life itself that is not subject to the Ministry of industry attention, it is difficult to accomplish something.

U.S. Groupon buy site success, so that the domestic more than 400 group buying site in six months, but also attracted a large number of Internet giants, including Taobao, Sohu, Thousand Oaks, including competing to buy gold field. Because of these giant web traffic control huge and rich business resources, so there are views that, who is difficult to obtain financing and sustained hematopoietic function in the group purchase website, the giant impact will have more than 90% pour out. Yi Kai capital CEO Wang Ran ( is predicted that 99% of the site will be closed down, leaving the best of the 35.

e-commerce analyst Wang Bin pointed out that Taobao, the Jingdong of large online shopping mall is more suitable for group purchase, now some already in the water, when they officially enter the field after the group purchase website will encounter greater challenges.

              transmission Sina 12 on-line purchase platform will be promoted by micro-blog

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