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as a webmaster optimization staff every day or regular original writing is a must, group communication the many people turn to write text, a lot of friends often writing soft for guidance, but for the novice is too theoretical, in my opinion, writing is a process of long-term exercise others, not taught you, so the actual use is very important to grasp the soft writing direction from the idea, improve the writing quality and efficiency in practice.

although sometimes our soft writing does not necessarily produce value, but as the real value of the optimization of personnel articles must be original, reproduced or pseudo original are opportunistic behavior, the author of the recent articles were submitted to the pseudo original copy of A5 portal, Chinaz and search platform, many articles is a decoration company network marketing summary and user experience of the site optimization of the article, the author is here to remind you to establish the original psychology, this is the webmaster blog is very important for the operation of a column or, to create a high quality of the original article the author takes a lot of energy spent to the design information in many aspects, often with high the value of the article can give their own site and webmaster provide great help, adhere to and willing to spend energy to do, the author writes the following Optimization of the company’s website and decoration decoration company network integration marketing and other articles, share the personal experience of writing high quality soft.

, select the theme of creation: collect daily sudden flashes of

I also need to optimize their

for decoration company website, so regular will write some soft paper submission, but the author some articles are not only as the optimization goal, for example before writing about the decoration company WeChat marketing series of articles, in the opinion of the author can provide practical and dry cargo, guidance for many enterprises to engage in WeChat master of marketing.

many times when we need to write, do not know what to write today, so we don’t want to write out things just for optimization and write, it will upset the theme selection. For these, the author selected themes from the following aspects: the scope of daily marketing and optimization of 1 industry of their own mining, because the author is a decoration company marketing, therefore experience more abundant; the corresponding channel 2 webmaster portal submitted articles, get inspiration from other people’s writing; 3 in the collection usually exchange appeared in flashes, such as the author of the communication group every day will be a lot of talk about enterprise management, marketing, marketing problems, which gave the inspiration for the machine will suddenly appear.

example: the author engaged in network marketing work decoration company, covers the work of mail, forums, QQ group, WeChat and so on, so that I can write with their own theme there are many, such as "small and medium enterprises how to carry out the marketing work of WeChat" to "talk about decoration company how to do business in the QQ group marketing". Note that you may not need to take a daily list of inspirational themes

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