Pirate Bay difficult days of the world’s largest piracy domain name was confiscated

by admin

the world’s largest piracy resources website the Pirate Bay in recent years is not better than the days, more than the founder has arrested and national copyright law enforcement departments of the station has been in the siege to open the stop state.

now, the latest move by the Swedish courts to Pirate Bay again.

is reported that the Swedish court ordered the seizure of the 2 main domain name confiscated piracy Bay: ThePirateBay.se and PirateBay.se.

, an anonymous source said that the two domain name has been confiscated in a certain extent, will affect the user’s access, but the Pirate Bay itself is not closed, the domain will have a lot of spare to ensure the normal operation of the site.

currently, when the user access to ThePirateBay.se will automatically jump to the thepiratebay.gs domain name.

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