Bitcoin a brief history of gold rush has now shaking heaven and earth, dust dust, earth return to th

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Abstract: "I feel like a martyr, a sacrifice for bitcoin martyrs, therefore, we have to pay a heavy price." But for any commodity that depends on people’s confidence in the value of the investment, there is no doubt that the pervasive pessimism is a killer. Nevertheless, Nick firmly believes that bitcoin is about to change the world.


Note: only a short while ago,

experienced change radically bitcoin has slowly fade out of people’s vision. It is like a congenitally deficient children, with good hope and glory in quietly come out, when suddenly into the war. Maybe you’re one of the millions of miners, perhaps you still do not know what is bitcoin, this paper will unveil bitcoin’s past and present for you.

mining or gold in the land of wealth for this cause, had inspired the migration and efforts in the history of the most enthusiastic, attracted millions of explorers, enslaved people one after another, even in dusty remote mountain town built opera. When the resources are exhausted, brilliant fall here, leaving only a miner. They discovered the most primitive natural material, and then carved it from a stone into a potentially valuable treasure. Therefore, rich can also maintain long-term wealth, more is scanty. However, for bitcoin mining, it has a little different.

New York bitcoin Center: from Wall Street to the ghost town transformation

New York

Center (Bitcoin Center NYC bitcoin), known as the "bitcoin revolution center" in Manhattan, broad street runs a retail store, just across the street and the New York stock exchange. Next to its store is an Asian style steak restaurant, the restaurant staff will occasionally come out to drive those who wander in front of the bitcoin diggers digging, indifferent to their so-called revolution. Inside bitcoin center, one side of the room, there are two small tables, sitting on a pile of extraction equipment of the Internet era, it is bitcoin mining machine. It looks like a desktop computer, but it’s a little bigger, but it doesn’t have a screen and keyboard. Last November, when the author went to check it out, we found that a number of bitcoin equipment center, only a CoinTerra production TerraMiner IV bitcoin mining machine in operation, not a white noise hum. But in fact, the situation is much more serious bitcoin.


this TerraMiner IV bitcoin mining machine still lies flat on the desktop, wrapped in a layer of black metal, rack server ends are stainless steel grille, looks like a deep-sea diver two eye sockets. Is for the fan grille, a series of special integrated circuit board (ASIC) radiation, ASIC is an advanced chip combination, through complex mathematical calculations to explore the password processing bitcoin transactions, but bitcoin is currently.

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