Xu Zheng himself embarrassed the deconstruction of Hong Kong film viral marketing when creative work

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Abstract: by titanium media press today, "embarrassed" has broken 1 billion 400 million box office in Hong kong. Is it possible not to break 3 billion as Wang Changtian expected?." Looks like there’s room for imagination. Both art and business characteristics of Xu Zheng, from the "Thai" and then embarrassed to observe and explore a set of suitable for their work "Online + offline marketing mode.


titanium media note: "Hong Kong" embarrassed not surprisingly hot: the first day at the box office record "break" catch demon records; as of press time, "embarrassed" has broken 1 billion 400 million box office in Hong kong. Is it possible to break the 2 billion, as Wang Changtian expected, is not impossible, 3 billion." Looks like there’s room for imagination.

Xu Zheng accepted an exclusive interview with titanium media, to see how the box office winner said:

"Hong Kong" embarrassed before release, Xu Zheng studio photo shoot. The day began at 8 in the morning until about 2 in the afternoon, and Xu Zheng switched to nearly 10 sets. In front of the photographer’s lens, he made a very exaggerated expression, as well as a very dramatic action, which is his best part – performance.

the end of filming, Xu Zheng tired to sit down, he said to the team to start a movie promotion plan from March, every time he will notice himself back to the scene, running around the country, some physical feeling has been overdrawn, but the spirit is still very excited, so the support to the premiere.

see article titanium media the last day of the vacation, and then recommend "commercial value" the October cover story, "Xu Zheng himself" embarrassed: "Deconstruction of Hong Kong film marketing as" creative work "viral":



" Hong Kong embarrassed deconstruction design

although Xu Zheng claims to not care at the box office, but since choupai "embarrassed" revealed port information, "box office" also raises all of the film focus and imagination.


had "embarrassed" Thai investment benefit most Wang Changtian for "Hong Kong" box office embarrassed confident: "it is not possible for 800 million?. 1 billion seems to be too low. 1 billion 267 million this is the "Thai" embarrassed when the box office, I think this is entirely possible. But it doesn’t seem to be enough, because in 2012, we predicted 20% of the box office. If in addition to go home, we should be in the actual box office number 1 billion 583 million, I think this number is careless." Wang Changtian said to want to continue to say: "3 billion is not impossible!"

obviously, repeatedly face on "embarrassed" "Hong Kong whether can create another box office myth?" the question is inevitable.

for the box office to ask, Xu Zheng apparently come prepared: "this movie is a composition of more exploration, is not a" embarrassed "sequel Thailand is not the most important, the box office is not the only purpose, first of all do a good.

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