Taobao 5 years to deal with more than 3000 patent infringement

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yesterday, Taobao announced the "2014 report fake Taobao linkage Intellectual Property Office". The report shows that since 2010, Taobao Joint Intellectual Property Office has handled more than 3000 cases of infringement of patent infringement cases.

introduction of professional property agency


said in the report, on the one hand, resolutely crackdown against IPR infringement behavior, on the other hand also use its own platform advantages, the advantages of data, with the Intellectual Property Office jointly explore e-commerce fraud protection mode.


report shows that the series of Alibaba group collaboration with the State Intellectual Property Office has continued to strengthen in 2014, April 2014 -7 months, the province of Zhejiang province and the municipal IPR assistance centers stationed in electronic business platform, the intellectual property of the 5 cities in Alibaba, e-commerce patent protection special action.

series of actions received good results. In April 2014 -7 months of joint protection of intellectual property rights, a total of 343 cases dealt with, involving appearance, utility models, inventions of various types of patent infringement judgment.

on the basis of this, in December 15, 2014, the Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Bureau and Alibaba group jointly issued the first "e-commerce patent protection work guidance", explore the establishment of patent infringement complaint processing mechanism under e-commerce environment. At the same time, the two sides established a clear link between the daily and major cases notification system, the two sides designated each person as daily work contacts, regular joint meeting.

Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Office official said, in cooperation with Taobao in the field of intellectual property, will help explore new ways of administrative, social intermediaries and corporate common rights. We hope that through cooperation, we can better solve the problems in the process of patent protection, and promote the healthy and orderly development of e-commerce industry.

provides materials for the new patent law

report said that Alibaba has played an important role in the field of intellectual property protection. At present, the new patent law draft is prepared for Alibaba to wildly beating gongs and drums, the new patent law legislative drafting group to share their own electricity supplier in the field of intellectual property protection in the process of experience, with the State Intellectual Property Office of law department, China Patent Protection Association conducted much research, provides detailed legislative suggestions and demonstration materials.

this report also describes the Taobao platform in 2014 to protect intellectual property related data. 2014, the patent infringement complaint handled by the Taobao platform, the appearance of patent infringement accounted for 74% of the utility model patent infringement accounted for 23%, the invention patent infringement accounted for 3%. In various industries, the first case of infringement complaints is 3C digital, small appliances; second for daily necessities; the third for cultural and sporting goods.


data report outside the display, as of the end of September 2014, with the Alibaba.

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