90 after the website of the real life innovation and promotion methods

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website promotion has been a difficult thing for our small webmaster, as a small webmaster we do not have strong funding, pull sponsorship is almost impossible. I especially the rural students after 90 website webmaster, basically rely on save living expenses. Therefore, it is not realistic to buy advertising, I went to ALIMAMA to buy advertising, but the effect is not obvious, because I can not afford the high price of seats, only those who buy cheap and high IP. But those 80% are the location of the brush IP, real IP, of course, the effect is not good. Well we enter the theme, yesterday I have to share on the Internet for free and creative promotion methods, today I talk about in our real life is how I website, or say something, this is some of my personal approach. To share with you.

in the classroom: the host task I usually will take the initiative to take the teacher for a blackboard, carefully design and in the corner to leave a copyright (for example: the poster designed by www.cnzl.org), then our school often exam, each student exam exam points are great changes according to the test the distribution of the number in the whole year. So there is a lot of other classmates often go to our classroom examination, I usually on the table with a note written on advertising and then use the transparent tape fixed on the desktop, I usually use chalk on the blackboard in the lower right corner to write ***.COM wish everyone get their best level.

in the toilet: toilet I school when few people squatting on the seat and then put ads with transparent tape is fixed on the wall, of course you have font color eye-catching and simple content to attract people. There is not too high, because it is very easy to be cleared at the local cleaners, write only squat to see; also often engage in Internet cafes and toilet public toilet, pay attention to in the same toilet frequency is not too high, the administrator was caught in trouble.

in the street: I generally love their T T-shirt printed on their website, and then appeared in public places, especially in a television interview where I have to stand in front of the camera as much time as possible to expose. This is my school with the Americans, the effect is good; there is gathered in some small advertising (such as those written permit advertising) where I would not hesitate to write their own advertising, or pay attention to striking and attractive, but it felt a little influence of social morality.

my life is about the method of propaganda website, I believe you also have a unique way of my personal blog www.cnzl.org welcome more exchanges, wish your website Yuebanyuehao,


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