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With the popularity of

Internet plus, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises begin to contact the Internet, but the number of people on the Internet is very strange, want to do the Internet, but he will not do, want to find people who do not know who to turn to Xu Guoxiang, met a lot of friends and business owners complained to recruit a staff recruit. Come in, do not know how to arrange for him to do the work, but also do not know what he did, but basically no effect, a year to spend a lot of money; so many of my friends said to me directly, direct outsourcing business of our company to you, you gave me to do your own hiring, this is Xu Guoxiang out of business to business, certainly preferred to make their own good, Xu Guoxiang to do network marketing in the industry for 8 years, accumulated a lot of resources and contacts, the return theme, the whole network marketing What is the advantage of the whole network marketing and why companies need to carry out the whole network marketing:

a, what is the whole network marketing?

whole network marketing is the integration of the whole network marketing, that is, from product planning, product development, product positioning, website construction, website operation, brand promotion, product marketing is equal to one of the marketing model. Integration of Internet channels (including mobile Internet, PC Internet) marketing. PS: most of the time we do the PC side, the mobile terminal will not be too bad (


two, the whole network marketing channels which


whole network marketing coverage includes web search (SEO), image search, video sharing, B2B platform, portal website, media classification information platform, inquiry platform, vertical industry forum, blog promotion, well-known Wikipedia, reputation establishment method, according to the different needs of enterprises (such as brand promotion, sales promotion demand demand, demand or registered a single overall demand) for all promotion or promotion methods use method. The whole network marketing is not limited to a certain way, more in a variety of ways to promote the combination of marketing to achieve the best results. General enterprise network marketing channels: Q & a platform, Baidu products (library, post bar, experience), blog, forum, classification, B2B, news source.


three, the advantages of the whole network marketing is what?

said the whole network marketing advantages, the first reaction is certainly a lot of friends think of the screen and enhance brand awareness, in fact, this is just one aspect of the whole network marketing advantage is more able to enhance our brand image and promote products, enhance visibility, improve overall product sales, sales of the line, to solve the bottleneck to improve and enhance the overall image of enterprise, improve the network operation system, to perfect and expand the enterprise transformation. Internet marketing, a single method is not able to achieve the best results, only the combination of different marketing methods, to be able to maximize the effectiveness of marketing. PS: the whole network marketing, even if it does not increase sales, but also to promote the transformation of the original sales rate.


four, why should

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