Civilian network has been caught in a commercial trap

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      within a few months, "the most beautiful teacher in remote areas" Wang Meixiang had been unknown to the public – fame process — all the blame. So dramatic development, rooted in the network behind the commercial operation.

network era, individuals are becoming the media." Information Research Center Secretary Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Jiang Qiping said, compared with the mainstream media, network public opinion is more spontaneous and marginal, hot, personal preferences, and even violate the moral bottom line of events can become the focus of folk.

before the "most beautiful teacher in remote areas, there are many successful examples, the most representative is the fairy sister. Let the girls Qiang from the network to the real success, but also a person claiming to have been planning for the network transformation from Internet marketer wave brother. He was such a popular network analysis of angel sister, "at that time, China man’s field of vision is all Super Girls, lotus, Mu Zimei, beauty is not neutral, funny. The breeze blowing is like a wild fairy sister, her beauty, diligence, kindness, filial piety, has all the virtues of the traditional women Chinese."

this is probably one of the reasons Wang Meixiang first jump red network, she also evokes a living in the city, every day working in the field of interest in their fashionably dressed men and women the desire for good things. Communication University of China communication Specialized Committee director Duan Peng said, these hands just use the mature network environment and the herd mentality of Internet users is very low, "planning, very vulgar show".

Duan Peng said that in the business community, everyone’s life is a lot of pressure, in such an environment, kindness and innocence is particularly valuable. "So, some of the people with bad motives seize this point, use the public to the good yearning to meet their own interests." Duan Peng bluntly, the so-called network pushing hands, the network star, I fundamentally opposed."

wave brother told the media that he would not choose such characters as similar to both "push" objects, including some objects in need of help. "We generally only choose entertainment figures, rather than the use of Internet users to be moved by moving objects, admiration, compassion to win popularity." He said, because it will hurt the feelings and trust of users."

Duan Peng said, each kind of mass media from birth.

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