CBS Wang Lu said it would acquire a B2C website bid up to $100 million

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September 1st morning news, according to CBSI, vice president of global science and technology Tencent Wang Lu recently in an interview revealed that the CBSI will be in the second half of the year 09 acquisition of an e-commerce site, the purchase price of at least $10 million or more, up to $100 million, the acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Wang Lu did not talk too much about the specific details of the target site, but he revealed that the site agent many brands, and VANCL and PPG to focus on creating their own brand positioning company.

a few months ago, Wang Lu has said, CBSI intends to complete the acquisition of an e-commerce website this year, and has been included in the list of several sites submitted to the U.S. headquarters audit.

for the progress of the audit, Wang said, there are two sites are very optimistic, the headquarters is still under negotiation. "The two should be said that the investment structure and shareholder structure is relatively simple, we also hope that the United States headquarters in a relatively short period of time by some numbers, promising their future development and so on, if it is possible the action will be relatively fast."

It is reported that the growth rate of about

, the next few years to predict several sites in the list submitted by digital surprisingly high, reached 100%, 200%, or even 300%, these figures for the CBSI headquarters of the United States, there are some difficult to understand, it is also an important reason why CBSI has not decided to acquire the.

"because of the same field, there is no such speed in North America, which also includes the problem of gross profit, etc.. So we are in a lot of understanding and collect Chinese e-commerce market development background, provide data to the headquarters of the United States, once the problem is resolved, I think they will be interested in the China e-commerce market will invest." Wang Lu told Tencent technology.

In addition to talking about the upcoming

entered a substantive stage of the acquisition plan, Wang Lu also said jokingly, "the boss to China a while ago, the two of us had lamented over the past year we didn’t buy a website, feel as if it is not ready to work. So the second half of this year should be action." (Wen Dong Yong /


below is the world’s vice president of Tencent technology dialogue CBSI Wang Lu record:

Tencent Technology: the first question, you talk about the work of the first half of this year, including what is the focus of your work, including communication with the headquarters of the second half of what kind of planning?

Wang Lu: in fact, we CNET, can be said to be the predecessor of the company CBSI in the past six months a lot of change. Because we CNET is the first in North America to the Internet listing of a company, but in the second half of last year, CNET in the United States by the largest TV company CBS acquisition, so we also changed its name to CBSI. So in the past six months time, we have a lot of internal integration on the one hand to do the work, on the other hand is also with the U.S. headquarters of the big boss

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