Unstable supply of luxury electricity supplier short board manufacturers must break the bottleneck o

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overseas luxury brands spend huge sums of money to build their own e-commerce platform, are reluctant to give the domestic luxury electricity supplier authorization, which has become the bottleneck of the development of China’s luxury website common face. In this regard, the product is still net CEO Zhao Shicheng believes that the external extrusion of China’s luxury electricity supplier should be authorized, positive price as a breakthrough, so that the industry’s formal development, and should not just consider seeking to cash in the listing.

it is reported that recently a number of overseas luxury websites will Chinese as a strategic focus, which includes not only the British website Net-a-porter.com into China, luxury brand Armani announced that it will also directly to Chinese increase direct investment, overseas counterparts seem to be in the rhythm of the collective Chinese luxury market at.

, however, is being dominated by overseas sites to seize the share of China’s luxury electricity supplier has been labeled a "impetuous" label. Luxury online shopping from the beginning that the Internet is the second largest after the purchase of the bubble, venture capital, withdraw from the station, bankruptcy, restructuring, etc. become synonymous with the development of the industry. Insiders even believe that after the capital boom cooling, the listing has become a life-saving straw.

in fact is really the only way listed? It is understood that, as the first domestic luxury NASDAQ (micro-blog) the vip.com website, although the issue price revised several times before the listing, but still in the market on the day break. Exactly why domestic luxury electric business development is not suitable? Insiders explained, "a foreign website, because the electricity supplier has been at a disadvantage in the Chinese luxury brand licensing and supply stability, which is the largest short board domestic website".

at the same time, Zhao Shicheng believes that the current market in the early development of everyone saw the benefits, regardless of the cost, more regardless of their own situation, coupled with the lack of constraints and market access mechanism, the market confusion is inevitable, in fact, the development space of luxury electric providers could not reach the limit.

he further said, "now is the industry reshuffle stage, LuxeHome network has made a strategic adjustment, the authorization, price model, currently have access to more than and 60 international luxury, high-end fashion designer and brand licensing, and price sales of its new season, the first gun hit rang Chinese high-end electric formal development".

this change, insiders said, they think that pure luxury electric providers such as get brand licensing, the quality and quantity of goods can be guaranteed, the profit margins are not enough to support the long-term development of the enterprise, the luxury goods business development in the future will be more difficult, and those who have a brand party support website to become the market the winner of this year, high-end electronic business will soon give birth to real industry leader.

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