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in the last two days in talking about creating a personal brand, small classes, to help students find a unique position of their own, and then help everyone quickly planned a set of their own theoretical system.

in personal positioning, the name is a very important point, in the positioning of the name, I have a lot of very practical methods.

today’s article mainly to share a simple and practical way to everyone!

positioning named: combination method

this method is so simple, but the value is very great!

put two words together, there will be a new field, you go deep into the study, is the first person in this field.

, for example, in 2001, the "network" and "marketing planning" the word together to form a new "network marketing planning".

for example, in 2010, I put the "Taobao" and " SEO" two words together, so there is the Taobao SEO this new career.

I had a student named Wang Huayuan, he can learn Feng Shui for many years, many people also help solve the problem of geomancy, after communicating with him, I found he is the most adept at the relationship between health and Feng Shui, so I let the positioning in the field of health Feng Shui, so he quickly is this the new field of the most influential people.

there is a 90 after the students, just graduated from college, the original operation of the Taobao store is very familiar, I told him, Taobao store outdated. Micro shop has just arisen, you put the micro shop and operation two words together, then you put yourself into a micro store operations experts, your chances are very large.

often said that when you create a field, you are the beginning of the industry leader!

if you create a new field,

first need to create a new keyword

this keyword, but also a new name, it will become your personal brand logo.

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