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9 fifth "you are not alone in the battle of the formation of" talk about the Internet business team, Jingan Cultural Center Hall All seats are occupied. webmaster, lively discussion, agile thinking, learned a lot. November 17, 2007, the sixth phase of the series we will explore the topic: soil commando assault – how to break through the small and medium-sized site funding dilemma.


venture capital, angel, we are hanging on the lips of the hot words, but a good marriage and often small website very far. How to write a business plan to impress investors? Investors optimistic about the project side what factors? Family, friends, entrepreneurial team members to raise funds, feasible? How should we expand financing channels, multi pronged approach? Without money, how can we "stick to" survival and development?……



Owners Association (SWP) to build a communication and exchange and display platform for the webmaster, we discuss problems, discuss the feasibility of the solution. Listen to the successful financing experience of the owners of the argument, and then listen to find the bumpy experience of funds…… Look for the direction of our breakthrough funding dilemma……


sixth Shanghai webmaster gathering will focus on the theme, still take the form of brainstorming, with the help of the collective wisdom of the collective, through mutual communication, inspiration and motivation to generate new ideas.


Shanghai webmaster Association sincerity tip:


1, the significance of the webmaster gathering: sharing, cooperation, learning, but also to maintain and stimulate the webmaster operations, the construction of the site’s morale;

2, find a way out in the webmaster to let each person do his best at the same time, also organized, unite and cooperate;

3, Shanghai webmaster Association (SWP) concept: polymerization webmaster, service webmaster.


collection target revelation:


1, looking for 3 to find the money, the financing of the webmaster; if you are willing to share your experience and experience;

2, look for 1 outstanding web site Project webmaster; if you have a good website project, and want to test the potential of its financing;

– please contact the webmaster of the sixth Shanghai webmaster.


party organization: Shanghai webmaster Association (SWP)

organizer: Oriental finance network (

brand design: on the marketing planning agency



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