Grassroots webmaster why you did not succeed

by admin

      how many people sacrifice for the Internet and cry?

      how many people are there in the face of the Internet with deep hatred and resentment and fear?
      blind adventure will only make their own physical and mental fatigue, in the painful lessons of how many stories began to repeat.
      Internet can let you instantly become a billionaire, he also can let you become the sacrificial lamb
      just a few Internet career after I do not know the spring summer autumn winter, no white hair is 5
    series wound;  
      to say who suffer, you stay up late every day to dawn always regrets
      why don’t you have a success?
      is it hard enough for you?

      or are you not firm enough?

      of course, the need to adhere to the network and self-confidence, but also in line with the trend of the network

      the cause of the failure I think can be summed up as follows:

      1) numbness follow, some of the early results later became the stepping stone to the strong (from the millions of cells to blog then video now, watching the scene on the fall of profound experience about "how spectacular" Stephen Chow)

      2) from their own status after the modern innovation, unrealistic fantasy, did not appear before his first opponent died (old to have you pay the innovation, died knowing that "free lunch need to pay their own")

      3) superstition search engine superstition flow, no coordination, system planning and operation mode, into the search engine parasites, network garbage maker

      4) market forecast ability is not enough, positioning is not clear, numbness of the long-term investment, and a big deviation, how to avoid the site neither fish nor fowl of the situation?


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